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  1. I ordered 2 M4's that are G&P M4 AEGs. I also ordered 2 extra G&P M4 brand magazines. All from Evike. The magazines that came in the box with the rifles work as they should. The extras that I ordered do not fit in the mag well. It's not like they are snug and it takes some work to get them in. They literally are too large and will not fit in the magwell. Any thoughts? Is this common? Can anyone suggest a brand of M4 mags that I can use with a G&P M4?
  2. Thank you Dave. I think you confirmed at least that at the origin, this stuff is all the same less some high end models. I'll check that out. Do you have a link to the one you bought? Just curious what it was like. Thanks again for your help, Jay
  3. Do any of you have any suggestions on a reliable and quality red dot sight with magnification that would work well with a G&P M4 AEG? The budget for this is not for the top of the line bleeding edge sight to end all sights if that helps. I've looked on Evike and our site sponsor here and to be honest, I'm overwhelmed with how many different manufacturers there are so its hard for me to differentiate which company is producing the product that gives me the reliability and quality I'm looking for. Thanks in advance for your help, Jay
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