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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.


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  1. PACKAGE DEAL- will sell the above NEW Multicam Combat Shirt (Size L) along with a Very Good condition Blue Force Gear 10-Speed M4 Chest Rig, along with two (x2) BFG Double Pistol Mag Pouches. This rig can easily hold 4 M4 mags and 4 pistol rounds, but the 10-speed pouches allow lots of other items to be carried. Plenty of MOLLE left over for other gear...this is $170 new on BFG.com. Both the NEW Combat Shirt AND BFG Chest Rig with x2 double pistol pouches for $85
  2. REDUCED!! $229. This is a brand new EMG/Ares Hellbreaker 10" M4; Still in box with tags- received as a gift and do not need it. Fantastic rifle with pretty awesome specs- full metal, billet-style upper/lower receiver, ARES Amoeba programmable fire control, straight trigger, flip up front/rear sights, rear QD slot, slim metal keymod handguard. Comes with Hi-Cap.
  3. Bought this about a year ago and never used it...and since I'm pretty much COST for life now would love to sell to get some more green shit!! Size large/regular, see below for package deal with Blue Force Gear 10-Speed Chest Rig in Multicam
  4. 10 years of Naval Aviation and I've seen a few callsigns...some great ones on here! I've had more than a few...but I was at a team meeting in a hotel restaurant one night and the ridiculously "saucy" (best adjective I can think of) waitress misheard my name (Scott) and decided it would be more fun to call me "Scotch" (which I think she probably has quite a bit of nightly). So I was "Scotch" for the rest of the meeting and it seems to have stuck.
  5. JP, do you have group name or admin name for COST planning group on FB? I'm in the regular COST group but trying to find the IH2 planning group. Thanks!
  6. Would a MK12 replica (real world 5.56mm) be considered OK for a DMR?
  7. Agree with Dave- your only options, in the "budget" scenario, are to look for a knockoff EOTech/Aimpoint/ACOG that will get the (airsoft) job done. You could also try Primary Arms, who make decent "lower" cost real steel sights, and stuff like NcStar, Leapers, AIM Surplus would probably be the lowest end stuff and perfectly fine for Airsoft. Put it this way...I shoot a fair amount of real steel and just did my very first Milsim event. I put a Vortex red dot that I wasn't using on my rifle...and probably about 90% of the time found myself just watching the BBs and adjusting aim based on that instead of the $200 red dot I mounted!! Perhaps I will get better and get back on the optic :-)
  8. I recently started milsim and bought a lot of stuff that I'm not going to use. Would love to sell it all together at a steep discount but will sell piecemeal as needed. -SOLD Princeton Tec MPLS Point Light (TAN): 10 lumens, 36 hour life; includes MOLLE mount and Helmet Clip (not for rails). $22 ($35 on Amazon) SOLD -REPRO Desert Locust Goggles: New, OD Green, includes clear, dark and yellow lenses; black carry pouch. $10 -Condor HCB Hydration Carrier/Bladder: OD Green, like new, includes backpack straps and built-in MOLLE webbing. Includes new 2.5 liter bladder. $20 ($32 on Amazon) -Condor MA55 Triple Mag Pouch (Kangaroo): OD Green, like new, holds 3x M4 mags and 3x pistol mags. $15 ($24 on Amazon) -Condor ULH Drop Leg Holster: Excellent conditon, OD Green, holds pistol and 1 mag; single leg strap with rubberized non-skid. $12 ($21 on Amazon) -Condor OD Green Drop Leg MOLLE Panel: Like new, mount any MOLLE items on opposite leg. Attaches to any belt and has rubberized non-skid leg strap. $8 ($15 on Amazon) -Condor MA22 Roll-up Dump Pouch: NEW with tags, OD Green. 2x straps to connect to belt or MOLLE. Velcro closure. $8 ($14 on Amazon) -SOLD TMC Plastic Dummy SAPI Side Plates: 2x hollow plastic plates, 5"x7" $8 WILL SELL ALL ABOVE ($103 seperately) FOR $75 plus ACTUAL SHIPPING COST; Can also bring to Iron Horse 2 PICS TO FOLLOW
  9. Anyone ever seen a step-by-step for modding standard goggle (like Revision Desert Locust) straps to run through the wide arc rail clips that come with most helmets? I don't want to start cutting on straps until I'm sure of what I am doing! Searched the forum and Youtube to no avail...thanks! Scotch Naval Flight Officer and Airsoft/Milsim NEWB
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