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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.


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  1. Alrighty, greatly appreciate the citing and the advice. I'll get looking up on the rules and loadouts right away. Ty soooooooo much!
  2. For sure. Thanks for the pointers, and yeah, I'm definitely up to changing the motto length. or motto in general. If you've got any suggestions on what you think might be cool and might match, I'm open to them. As for the material, I'm probably gonna do sewn. personally I don't like the look or feel of vinyl patches... Sewn just feels more traditional, I guess the word would be.
  3. I'm really sorry to hear about your loss. You've got my sincerest condolences. If you need someone to talk to or a battle buddy, hmu. Might not be able to afford a whole lot of events, but when I'm there, lemme know and ill be right by your side.
  4. Faction Beanie: $25.00 Decent starter Airsoft M4: $250.00 The fact that an admin clarified headgear is anything on the head: Priceless.
  5. First and for foremost I wanna thank you so much for being on the frontlines. I was in the air force and did nothing more than maintenance on aircraft, so I dont have anything like ptsd or any real experience, but nevertheless, you have my support, and im sure everyone else here in milsim will also be there when you need them. As for the therapeutic part, I can't say for sure. I guess it can be, but I'm no pro when it comes to something like that... In any case, if you take enjoyment in this and stick around, hopefully Ill get a chance to play with you once in a while! Best of luck to you, and thank you for your service!
  6. So... I made a rough sketch of a patch I'm trying to make for my squad when I can get it up and going. I'm stuck on a good motto, but I have two thoughts, but I'm not sure on them... One is "Kill enough, they will stop fighting" and the other is, "Better to die on your feet than to live on your knees" The motto's gonna be fit on the ribbon draped over the heart. By the by, the emblem is modled after Forsaken64s logo and I don't take credit for the majority of the design. Some changes are the placement of the ribbon and a little details to the barb wire. I'm very open to ideas for both improvement on the motto and the patch in general. I'd greatly appreciate any feedback/constrictive criticism and even tips/pointers and places I can get the patch made when it's finished. So colors so far is the lettering is gonna be white over a grey backdrop. The heart is gonna be red, ribbon is gonna be yellow and the blood is gonna be a darker tinge to help it stand out.
  7. In that case, welcome back to milsim! I'm definately looking forward to playing with everyone once I can get my stuff. Hope you have fun and stick around for a while!
  8. Alrighty, makes sense. I was thinking .20 being pretty standard all around. A friend of mine wanted to get a sniper rifle and I'm assuming I'd want something around .50g for that? I noticed a lot of guns on Evike (where I'm shopping for my gear) recommends certain weights for best performance. I guess I'll experiment with my squad. Thanks for the info! And cute name!
  9. I noticed in some games that Jet from DesertFox air soft plays that there are some vehicles like technicals and such. What are restrictions on anti vehicle weapons.
  10. I dont have a call sign yet, but my little brother's is Scooter. He looks and acts so much like the borderlands character its actually kinda scary.
  11. Well, I'm gonna try to bring an m4 and m9 (extreme noob. Only know the types of guns to an extent) and I believe they're elite force... I'm trying to get pieces of equipment as I go along so I've got me and my squad set up and outfitted with stuff. I'm gonna be a medic for my squad and my little brother is gonna be demolitionist/anti vehicle. My boyfriend is probably gonna be sniper or vehicle ops. Not sure yet with him... Lol I'm setting up a special tasks group.
  12. Welcome to milsim! Hopefully you have a great time here and play in plenty of events! ^^ I'm very new to the community and sport in general, my only experience is reading a little on rules and watching Jet's videos where he explains rules and stuff. So what weapons do you plan on using?
  13. Thank you very much. ^w^ And yeah, I've got soooo many questions... I'm just going around and fishing for guns and ammo. Have no idea what makes a good bb or what is safe to use. I don't wanna use cheap wally world bbs like my mom and some friends are saying... I'm trying to figure out... Can I use .20g bbs in grenades or is it best to just use .12g? Also, can I use higher grain bbs for better speed and accuracy? Or is there such thing as too much?
  14. I actually do have one... I'm trying to find ammunition for some weapons I plan on getting and I've got no clue what the safety regulations are on the ammunition as far as weight and FPS. I saw that the size is commonly about 6mm or something, and then the weight's measured in grains? I've got no clue... Lol Anyway. I noticed heavier grains give faster fps... If that's the case, what's your recommendation? what's safe? What's legal? What's pushing it a little?
  15. Hi, my name is Lilly. To break the ice, I'm transgender, so it won't be really different if I get any hate for it... I tend to joke along with it provided it's not blatantly aggressive to me. I'm prior service Chair Force and wanted something to enjoy as a hobby to try to keep physically fit. I was maintenance and I plan on reenlisting into the army as a medic. I plan on playing as a medic too and even get my EMT certification in case I have to use real first aid, so... Wish me luck! I do wanna add that I do love talking with people and making friends, so, lemme know of any questions or topics that you wanna chat about!
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