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  1. I had a feeling but figured i would ask, thanks JP appreciate the info brother.
  2. Just wondering if a helo would be available at Iron Clad 3 this year. I thought it would be awesome but not sure if they have restrictions on airspace or enough room to do it please let me know AMS Staff thanks. -Policedog
  3. Awesome thanks for the answer JP. Thank you for taking the time to pair us. #UFSWARMACHINE
  4. Hi this will be Team C.R.O.W.s first AMSL and we were wondering how to ride with our team in the helicopter or how scheduling works any info would be great. Also anything happening friday night? Thanks Policedog 😎
  5. Cool thanks will let the group know
  6. Wolverine Airsoft Wraith CO2 stock is (allowed or not) seeing mixed answers on google. Also Elite force 1911 co2 allowed. JP, Alex or Bo Thanks in advance see you guys at Op: Northern Front -Team C.R.O.W. first AMSL event.
  7. Read thru the rules and such but, can a Dmr be counted as having a 16 inch plus Barrel.There's been a lot of talk about needing to be 20 inch plus Barrel to be considered a DMR. Would like to know for the 2017 DMR rule set thank you.
  8. Thanks yankee-dta your a gentleman and a scholar.
  9. Nice so I can have 9 rifleman and 2 ssw in a Squad member just one rifleman has to be a medic and 1 can be a hws
  10. So I read the whole Ams rules on the website gotta say very well done. But my issue is what I read on the page defines a Squad is (12). But im not sure I understand what that means. I know 2 ssw. 6 EoDs. 4 sniper spotter. and 1 medic, 1 Dmr, and 1 HWS. but when I add all that up I get the number 15. Can someone please explain or give an example of roles thanks. (New to American Mil-Sim want to understand so I can help my team out) -PD-
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