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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.


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  1. Playing CDF for the first time at RDG. Uniform regulations under Factions on the main website read "Plaid" "Denim" and when you register it says this: "REQUIREMENTS - TOP AND BOTTOM CAN'T MATCH. Top may be Civilian Attire (Non-combat top, NO BLACK, NO GREY). Bottom may be Tan or Civilian Attire. TAC Gear color DOES NOT MATTER. REMEMBER-- NO, BLACK or GREY HEADGEAR, TOPS or BOTTOMS." We were planning to wear blue Addidas track suits (like sterotypical movie trop of Russians wearing tracksuits), but looks like that's a no due to wither only being able to wear plaid/ demin or no matching tops/botoms. Is that correct?
  2. tweak89


    What radio are you using? It's no problem programming/using those channels on Baofeng radios (UV-5R and UV-82 being the most popular).
  3. Don't know much on the Sniper rules, but I'm pretty sure the "only reload in the FOB applies to everyone". I like the limit rule as it makes you think before pulling the trigger. D14 is not so big that getting back to the FOB is a slog. I would reach out to your squad leader for answers to your other questions. On the grenade/smoke I usually carry 6 micro smokes. I think the limit on those is what you can carry.
  4. Ok, finally got my password reset, so shoot me a PM if you can help!!
  5. Was participating in a local Op (Phoenix Milsim) last weekend and and lost one of my veteran AM patches (the small square one). I only have two from most recent Reindeer Games at Ft. Hood. There were some tricky barb wire fences we had to make our way through and I suspect the one may have gotten snagged and stayed behind along one of the fence lines. Is it possible to get a replacement, I checked the store and didn't see one, not that I expected too. But who can I contact to see about getting one? I sent a message via the Facebook page but got no reply.
  6. Please, sweet baby Jesus, tell me that the building numbers on the map match the actual numbers on the buildings this year. That was a major source of confusion, especially when most folks weren't carrying their maps.
  7. Although you can't see much in there here's my box loaded for play. In the fly-out trays I keep my chrono, radios, tools and misc. stuff like zip ties, tape etc. In the main part of the box I keep a mini-tote for mags and speed loaders. The rest (things like glasses, ammo, gloves etc.) takes up the rest of the space. You could keep minimalist camping gear in there, but it would be tight. I picked this size because it's just right for use in the field. Not too big, versatile storage, and rolls easily. For RDG, I'll be replacing the mini-tote with soft sided cooler for my snacks and water since I'll have all my mags with me.
  8. If pre-ordering for RDG through the website, how do we avoid paying shipping and note that we are ordering for pickup at the event?
  9. Based on last years event, bring what you need into the AO. We kept all our extra gear/food/water at our FOB. I would snack/refill water after dying (you get two revives via medic, third hit and you are down, bleed out and head to FOB) and heading back to the FOB to reload (which is the only place you can so). If you have a lockable box, I would recommend it. While 99% of folks at these events are honest, there's always something that ends up going missing. I leave my backup weapons in my car, and bring only ammo, food/water/tools in my rolling "AO" box. There is no official lunch break, if your going to sit out for an extended length of time, just let your squad leader know. On that issue, radios really come in handy and are almost a necessity. If you don't have them already, look up BaoFeng (UV-5R or UV-82) on Amazon. A little more advanced than the standard 2 way radios, and what most folks will be using. I bought this Husky mobile job tool box from Home Depot, works great and is lockable:
  10. Thanks for the info! I should have realized the rosters would have to wait on the registrations. Sierra Dynamics will probably be a bit behind looking that the current numbers.
  11. While we're still a few weeks away, any word on the camping arrangements this year? Are RV's still not allowed? Also, when will the schedule, rosters and such be published? And more importantly, how could this be scheduled on the same weekend The Last Jedi premiers!!!???
  12. For a while I used a drop leg, then went to vest mounted. But, now I use something sort of unusual. I switched to a polymer paddle style holster as I switched my sidearm to a 1911 variant. But, instead of using it on my pants or vest belt I attached it to a separate belt (velcro closure heavy duty) and wear it "loosely" on my waist so the sidearm hangs just below my hip. Sounds strange and like it the belt would fall down since it's not looped through anything, but it stays in place. It's comfortable and what it allows me to do is quickly "swing" the belt around to move the gun off my hip if I need to hit the dirt. Stays put when running as well.
  13. Where, exactly, was the camping last time (in relation to the check in area)? We noticed some tents right by the check in area, but weren't sure if that we really the designated camping area. I assume they are still not allowing RV's?
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