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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.


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  1. I assume you mean UCP. Yeah, that's a negative, ghost rider.
  2. Sounds about right. I'm super non-fluent in radios. How do I undo that?
  3. My Baofeng's had a weird problem for a few months now. The buttons on the side (ptt button, flashlight button, etc.) work fine, but none of the buttons on the front face of the radio seem to function as intended. I would just assume the buttons were broken or there was some sort of wiring error, but the funny thing is that I still get a beep anytime I press any of these buttons, IE it acknowledges the buttons were pressed, they just don't actually do anything. This, of course, is problematic seeing as I cannot change frequency or access the settings menu. Anyone able to help me out? Is there a fix? Or should I invest in a new Baofeng?
  4. They don't have a forum that I can see, and I'm far from fluent in Facebook, hence why I'm in off topic. A sizable amount of guys that do AMS do MSW as well from my knowledge.
  5. I will almost definitely take you up on that next time y'all show up in the southeast for a non-18+ event. Much appreciated!
  6. So I'm really wanting to attend a Milsim West event as a German KSK operator (Flecktarn), I've got most of the loadout and everything, but I don't have anyone to run with. MSW rules require 9 people in a full squad in order to play as non-multicam NATO. Anyone know anybody I could get in contact with? Any help regarding this would be much appreciated, as I'm brand new to MSW as a whole.
  7. Like Nomad-01 said on page 3 of this forum, most european countries are much more likely to use woodland variants, and are therefore much easier to find in woodland variants. Desert variants of most of the patterns listed outside of US-made patterns and international patterns like A-Tacs, are going to be significantly more rare and difficult to find, and, in most cases, more expensive.
  8. My E10 suggestions; M/03 (Norwegian desert pattern), Desert FELIN (French pattern), Spectrum 64 (VERY difficult to find, only way to even get pictures of it is to google 'Spanish Desert Camo', you would not believe how long it took me to find the name of it. Very similar to multicam Arid only slightly pixelated. Spanish impressionists will likely have better luck with old U.S. Six-Color Desert, or Chocolate Chip, Spain's previous camouflage pattern.) , TAZ-07 (Desert variation of Switzerland's TAZ-90 camoflage pattern), CPU (Polish desert pattern, surprisingly easy to acquire), Pustelya 3 (Ukrainian desert pattern), Desert EMR (Russian desert camo, somewhat difficult to acquire, but bears striking resemblance to faded desert MARPAT), M84 (Danish desert camoflage, difficult to find but similar enough to Tropentarn). This pretty much covers most large European countries not already included, with the rest utilising camos already stated (Around three countries outside of the UK use DPM, and at least Austria, possible more countries, use Germany's Tropentarn)
  9. As the title implies, I'm asking if the ESS Crossbow Eyeshield (ANSI Rated, pretty durable stuff) combined with the Gasket kit (similar to Oakley's HELO kit) are AMS legal. I do not own either of these, and am not sure if they will be full-seal. Anyone with experience with these items have any answers? Thanks in advance.
  10. I have searched every nook and cranny of the AMS forums to find an answer to this question, to no avail. I know UFS has that weird Chirp program on their radios, does CoST have anything like that? By 'like that', I mean anything that needs to be programmed into the radio PRIOR to the game. I assumed since there wasn't any post concerning this issue that the answer is no, but I wanted to be sure. The last thing I want is to show up to an OP only to find I don't have the right radio program on my Baofeng.
  11. "Into the Howling Dark" -Anonymous Badass

  12. I have to say, I don't think I have ever caught wind of a national MilSim event anywhere near the northeast (New York/Jersey area), the closest being Virginia, and I've seen more than a few people ask about it on the forums. I'd be willing to bet the first organiser to do it would get quite a turnout *nudge nudge*
  13. I figured as much. Worth a shot, right? Thanks for the response, guys, you're the best.
  14. I haven't bought the mag yet, I was just wondering if I could use this for it's convenience, or if I needed to buy a bunch of 23 round mags.
  15. https://www.evike.com/products/28399/ It doesn't look like it, that's why I'm asking
  16. So, is the AMS story re-write still in progress, or was it scrapped? Also, nice to see the map being re-vamped, can't wait to see that finished.
  17. I'll get strait to the point. Are CYMA 100 round extended AEP mags allowed? (Using a CYMA 1911, and I've heard the mag holds closer to 70 rounds)
  18. Alrighty, so I have a question about DMR rules regarding the M14 battle rifle. It's a pretty through-and-through DMR, meets all the check-list items, i.e. is used as a DMR by the U.S. Military, chambered in 7.62/.308, has a long barrel, has the overall silhouette of a DMR, etc. The only thing is, it has a full-auto function. Most if not all Airsoft versions I have seen also have this full-auto capability. In the ruleset, it states that all DMRs must be incapable of fully automatic fire. Are there exceptions made for M14s, or are is it considered an Assault Rifle?
  19. To clarify, 'camp site' would imply that he can bring a tent?
  20. I appreciate the quick response, Alex. My uncle offered to take me to an event. He assured me he'd make a good time out of it, I just wanted to make sure I knew what he could and couldn't do. Hope to see you guys soon!
  21. So, I'm sure this has been answered somewhere, but if I'm 16 at the time of an event, and I have a parent/guardian present, but that parent/guardian does NOT wish to attend the event itself, what options do they have? I am aware they have to be on the AO, and that that does not necessarily mean in gameplay. Will they be pitching a tent in the parking lot? Chilling at the staging area? Just trying to understand how this would work. I saw nothing in the ruleset that answered this question.
  22. I recommend investing in an AEG. If you want to keep that sniper playstyle, a DMR could be in your future. If you go to one of these events with a springer, you're going to be heavily outgunned and generally gonna have a bad time. Hell, even Novritsch took a G&G AEG to IronHorse. It's well worth the investment, if you don't have one already.
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