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  1. Hello gents. The support gunner in my squad for the next BH event is of Scottish descent and has almost always worn his kilt in milsim events. Making sure it's ok for him to do so. We are running COST and he has a woodland camo kilt that he is planning on using. And don't worry, he won't wear it full Scottish style.
  2. Question: my squad machine gunner is of Scottish descent and was wondering if it was possible for him to wear his woodland camo kilt to the next BH event.
  3. I never said that. It got to the point where you began posing the same points about the same thing and wasn't adding anything to the discussion.
  4. Aswayze, are you official AMS staff? I can see that Alet338 asked to be approved by AMS staff. If you are then just a simple yes or no would be great. If not then there is no need to continue posting about this.
  5. For a DMR role, does the 7 mag rule apply to his sidearm/secondary mags as well? I have an SVD with some upgrades and was gonna use my 1911 as a secondary. Should I carry 7 mags for my rifle and 2 for my pistol or 5 for rifle and 2 for my pistol? THanks
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