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  1. I lost two black G&P High ROF M4 midcaps which may or may not have "Twitch" in Sharpie on the baseplates. One was last seen a few houses down the street from the UFS Patrol Base in the general vicinity of CP2(?) and the other I have no clue.
  2. You would 100% need the gasket kit for it as AMS requires full seal.
  3. The more pressing question is: is Rick a pickle?
  4. I think it's one of those things like the map that's just sat neglected as the AMS admin staff have presumably been busy with other things. Hopefully an update comes soonTM though.
  5. Super bummed I can't make this one but I've got other obligations that weekend. Hopefully I'll be able to get there next time around, looks like an incredible site.
  6. Closer to the event, there will be an email goes out with info like the comms matrix, roster, OPORD and the password to the secure forum.
  7. Since there's no mention in this post, is it safe to assume no helo runs?
  8. I assume they'll announce it when they have details worked out and solidified.
  9. I cannot possibly be more excited for this game, and the possible new additions (specifically #2 and #3) somehow manage to make things even cooler. Already have the time off for this one, so nothing can stop me from going.
  10. I feel a new faction coming on...
  11. I believe this was because those floors were set up for real world training in such a way that they would not be safe for us to be playing in. Remember, Guardian is a real world training facility/business first and an airsoft field second. Not to say that this wasn't a bit of a bummer, but I was happy enough to be able to play there that I personally didn't mind a few closed-off floors too much.
  12. I purchased a support staff ticket but haven't gotten any information on what to do as far as that goes. Is there any info on where/when we'll be meeting up after the game to get started?
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