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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.


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  1. I'm the airsoft and fencing (Olympic and medieval) coach and history teacher at the school [Riverside Military Academy] - we're a private school and the administration is very supportive of the team. We have orange tips for the boys and/or they put orange electrical tape on the tips when we have our twice-weekly practices. That boy is holding my MP5K which is milsim-ready with a black tip.
  2. Is there a standard chemlight color for photographers who are in buildings? Should they just be using red?
  3. Riverside Military Academy has a very active airsoft team - we play 2-3 times a week on our own fields and attend two AMS events a year. You're welcome to reach out to me and to take a look at our new-this-year Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Riverside-Military-Academy-Airsoft-1511060042250686/.
  4. Watch out Desert Fox and Evite Matt! Riverside is coming for your Likes Our school was shooting a new commercial recently and wanted some shots from the airsoft team. The company doing the shoot enjoyed the footage so much they posted a 40 second segment of it to their Facebook page. You can see it here; it's knife-killing, TAG-rounding, smoke-grenading, trench-clearing good times: https://www.facebook.com/Riverside-Military-Academy-Airsoft-1511060042250686/ Enjoy and see you at Black Site! Andrew "Eagle Actual" Pedry
  5. Nobody has a TAG round explode next to them and figure they're not dead. (unlike what tends to happen with less-than-dramatic nerf rockets)
  6. +1 to caring about this. The narrative game-play means a lot to our team and knowing how our fights played into a greater whole gives me more ammunition to emphasize the value of sacrifice inherent in good Milsim game-play. *but Sgt. Pedry, there's so much more fighting going on over there! Why do we have to hold THIS boring building??*
  7. Look at that setup...and almost in time for the 100th battle of Belleau Wood. How appropriate!
  8. I'm not a huge fan of sidearms in airsoft from a practicality standpoint, but they are a lot of fun (and necessary if you're not a rifleman). I'd say that if you're comfortable with a leg holster and that's what you're familiar with then run with that. In the Corps I ran with a leg 4x mag holder just to free up some of the other pouches but I never really liked the weight or size on my thigh. It's all preference, but my $.02 would be to have it center-left or left side of the chest (I'm right handed) in order to facilitate the draw while the primary is dropped on the right side. One of my boys has a one-point sling and a chest rig that allows him to quickly sling the primary over his shoulder without choking him. That might be the perfect solution as it gets the primary out of the way and allows free access to the entirety of the chest and hip.
  9. A radio is always helpful; programmable Baofengs seem to be the most common.
  10. Sir, I noticed that you said that these are all local times for Anniston, AL in the Mountain Time Zone. Isn't Anniston, AL in Central Time?
  11. Close to home and a fantastic site, what's not to love?! I checked the registration page but didn't see it - what's the age limit for this event?
  12. Hello brothers of the revolution! All the numbered Eagle callsigns are cadets from Riverside Military Academy looking forward to fighting alongside you - this will collectively be our first American Milsim event, though some of our members have participated individually before. We also have an alum who is now in ROTC bringing some of his fellow cadets down to the event, so we will be running a full squad+. Right now we are bringing 2 SSWs (Navy Mk 23s), 2 grenade launchers (1x M203, 1x stand alone; we realize we'll probably only be able to use 1 at a time, but hey, redundancy isn't a bad thing!), a guy who usually runs as a medic and comms for at least the squad and team leaders. I (Eagle Actual) am a history teacher and the airsoft team coach, I served for 4 years as an infantryman and scout-sniper in the Marine Corps (2/5, 2000-2004) and look forward to working with the CoST leadership to integrate our squad into a solid plan for victory! Let us know what we can do from a planning standpoint and we look forward to seeing you on the field.
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