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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.


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  1. I also believe I left a propane bottle with a red madbull adapter and a KWA M4 style speed loader. I know exactly where I left it and it was gone when I went looking for it. It was at the PSA FOB
  2. Lost one nerf pocket football with PVC ring labeled Trey Gibson TEARS (Dude I bought the launcher and rockets from and his team) I know exactly where it is too I just forgot it in the firefight. I was in the cartel house that UFS and PSA teamed up to take down. I put it right through the open window so someone must have seen it and hopefully grabbed it.
  3. What an harrowing experience... It may have led to a few new grey hairs on my noggin. I love and hate both of those trucks. Being a mechanic for 20+years I know how to do it all.. I just am tired of it all the time. When they run.. I smile and have a blast... when they don't Well after all that I still had to smile and laugh because it was like "What else could possibly go wrong?" After the trailer lugs I was ready to get the welder out and weld the steel spare onto the hub on the side of the highway in the rain because at that point "F IT!" We make it work and we never quit. That's what makes me so proud of this team. No matter the odds we always overcome. I saw some amazing sportsmanship at BH4 and I am proud to have been involved in this game. AFIK not one single warcrime was passed out. Bravo to all. The game needs this level of players. That right there is why I do it.. It's why I work from 4 pm to 1-3 am on these trucks and then 7 am to 3 pm dayjob. I do it because I love this game and I love the cheers we get when we roll in to give vital support to our brothers. Nothing feels more awesome than to get a call over the tacnet for the gamblers. I have been playing for 10 years now I hit a low spot with all the cheating and poor sportsmanship that cause me to all but quit.. I would only attend bigger ops, never open play. And I hated that... I am so happy to see the game on an upswing. It helps that the COD kids are quitting and leaving it to the seasoned players and new players that are serious about the game and not chalking up a kill to death ratio. I can't wait for copperhead! SQL Shadow out.
  4. You bet man! I think copperhead or esr are the next we are planing. Tell you what.. PM me your addy and I'll drop it in a cheap envelope and mail it to you.
  5. Skip! I have one of your DH rockets. Someone must have tossed it in the powerwagon thinking it was ours.
  6. Deal on a Ranger green Banshee? I could really use to slim down my armor. I know last year you had really good deals but I was tapped from getting 2 POVs' out to the field.
  7. I had my gopro on but it didn't record during the DAM. I was sad.
  8. Ok so I noticed a few instances of POV's at BH2 showing a dead rag out the drivers window and presumably heading back to respawn (otherwise they should not have been moving at all) and in the process players were still riding in and shooting out of or walking along side and using them as rolling cover. Now I suppose it's possible for said players to have not known that POV was dead and therefore I will not point fingers nor will I call anyone a cheater here. I bet it's hard to see a tiny rag only in the drivers window. What I'd like to see is a better way to mark a POV as dead and out of the fight. A couple of ideas I had were a red flag on a magnet or suction cup that could be put on the roof, or possibly a red LED strobe that could be switched on. Something simple and repeatable for all POV's that could be seen from 360 degrees. I'd love to see red smoke or something like that but I know that's expensive and needs replenishment every time a POV is destroyed. Anyone else think this could use more exploration? Any ideas?
  9. Sorry to dredge this back up but what was the mini hysteria at esr19 over vehicles?
  10. I couldn't imagine these guys would do that without at least asking you first. I could see a need if balance becomes an issue but I'll bet they have contingency plans to cover this.
  11. 240b Ok I just received this monster in the mail today and all I can say is DAMN! It's in amazing condition and came with many extras. I'm impressed with everything on it! Thanks for keeeping it so nice man. I guess this is my good feedback for this seller. Thanks again man.
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  13. Ok got a handle on how this works now my only question is how are you guys calling people up for their IDAM. Will it be a radio contact or a set time given to the operator? I only wonder because I'd be with a squad until IDAM time then break away and reattach after.
  14. Research is for chumps in lab coats. But I'll look for this frosty guy you speak of like I should know who he is. Thanks.
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