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  1. moonball43

    Helo Runs

    Can I get a response on this?
  2. moonball43

    Helo Runs

    BTW..... that’s supposed to be HELO run not help run. I hate auto correct.
  3. moonball43

    Helo Runs

    How do I get my helo run coordinated so I ride with my team mate?
  4. Oye.... bola de payasos, nos van a dar detalles o que? Oops.... Sorry.... Thought we were speaking in Spanish here.
  5. Ok..... That is going to suck for the next guys in line for ammo. Pre planning, consolidation, trigger control will be a must. Ok. Good to go.
  6. So.... after an ammo drop, we can reload in the field, right? No spare ammo on our person? How is that gonna work when you get your ammo drop, you pull a bag of 3000, fill all your mags and have 1000 rounds left over and the ammo truck is gone to go deliver to someone else? We have done this kind of ammo control before back when it was still called "Invasion". It's not so bad.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. Me too. List please. With names..... addresses and phone numbers.
  9. Crap!!! I put this in the wrong place. Sorry admin people. You can move it or kill it.
  10. Anybody have links for 5.56? I'm looking for some.
  11. Holy crap!! Mark this day on the calendar!!!! I got something right!!!! I'm going to go drink a beer now!!!
  12. If the air is more dense, would there not be more behind the BB?
  13. Taco. I'm a Mexican food purist. (Happens when you have a Mexican wife)
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