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  1. the one smoke grenade I bought last year got stolen. Hopefully this year I will actually get a chance to use some!
  2. Also, beware of snakes. Last year, there was a large black snake that could have either been a black ratsnake (non venomous) or a Western Cottonmouth (venomous). Beware of wildlife in general. Respect them and their homes. The AO is home to a lot of animals. Probably a good idea to report any potentially dangerous wildlife you see to Staff as well. Good to know Sulfur repels ticks. That would explain why I didn't get any until the morning we left.
  3. Subdued is definitely nicer! Speaking of AMS patches, I was told I could get an event patch for attending OP:BH 2012. How would I go about this? Pay for an extra one at BH:3?
  4. ALL PERMITTED UNIFORM COLORS/PATTERNS WILL BE POSTED BY AMS STAFF AROUND REGISTRATION TIME. At this time, it is unknown exactly what uniform colors/patterns will be acceptable at Broken Home 3, unless otherwise stated by AMS Staff. You can expect woodland and 3 color desert. you can probably expect some ATACS, Desert Digital, and Multicam. Not really sure what other patterns there are for green.
  5. olaf122

    POV Pass?

    for those of us without printers, will there be copies available on site?
  6. I have an order processing from last week at the moment. a LARGE order (almost $200) so, sorry if anyone's order is slowed down because of us!
  7. "I could face court marshal for saying this, but the UFS officials need to pull their heads out of their asses! We fought long and hard on the Oklahoma front only to be told to retreat as a tactical advantage. We had them on the ropes, and they were cut loose by our leadership! It's men and women like those who refused the retreat from Pegasus Bridge and those who went to back them up that show true UFS pride! I'm starting to think maybe neither side deserves control. I'm willing to give it another shot, but if the UFS doesn't pull through for us, I will defect!" ~UFS Marines, 1-3 SQL
  8. We have 3-color, we just like our team uniform better! Desert Digital all the way Don't tempt me to bribe you, JP!
  9. Yeah, though I meant that lineup as the all-time one.
  10. I know I'll just have to wait, but PLEASE have Desert Digital as an option for UFS! My ideal lineup: UFS- 3-Color, Multicam, Desert Digital CoST- Woodland, Tiger Stripe, Marpat CDF: Civvies/Urban Camo SF/PMC: ATACS
  11. I figured the e was a typo. Wasn't until I saw Civilian Defense Force that I figured out what he meant.
  12. I need to know ASAP. If I wait any longer to buy the bus ticket, the price will go up, then I can't go. I won't find out from ECR/DMZ until tomorrow.
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