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  1. This was my 3rd op, and I was used to Op34 and Op34:II, which were mostly urban/CQB AOs. Black Site offered much more varied gameplay and terrain as an AO and as such was very fun to play on. There was plenty of elevation, many different buildings to clear and plenty of woods to allow for longer engagements. As far as just the terrain, A+. Totally awesome AO. Sportsmanship or the lack thereof? My squad played with honor and respect, and I'm happy to say I didn't personally witness any underhanded behavior or BS from either side. Props to the boys in green AND tan for that. I heard talk of frustration and some bad stuff on both sides but it must've been minor since I didn't see it firsthand. I guess the only real gripe was... the steamroll? My squad barely got to do anything because the UFS were so quickly corralled into their FOB, but I *still* had fun. I drove 12 hours each way to be at this op and I'd happily do it again. This is even though I didn't see a single live UFS soldier or even have to change out a magazine for most of day 1. Something tells me that it wasn't just CoST being super saiyan Neo-in-the-matrix badass that made the event so one-sided. Some planning has to go into the spawns and positioning of objectives, but AMS has demonstrated that they learn and improve on each AO with every event. The staggering of the deployments on Day 2 was a really quick step taken in the right direction and showed that the staff knew what was up. Combat controllers did their job and there were many hilarious suicide charges from both sides near the UFS FOB. American Milsim has proven to me that they know how to run fun, engaging events and provide knowledgeable staff, so I'm not too worried. I have no doubt in my mind that the next op at this AO will be a little more balanced. I met an awesome squad that lives near me and got a great workout. I got to stop chairsofting and actually GET OUT to a sick-azz AO and shoot pellets at people. Two thumbs up as usual, and I'm looking forward to the next 12-hour drive (nuts, I know)
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