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  1. Gun choice does not matter for factions! However, that would be kind of cool to implement
  2. Google frames are NOT required to match faction colors. The only piece of gear (other than uniform of course) required to match your faction is your headwear (i.e. helmet, cap, boonie, etc.). Hope this helps!
  3. Check-in usually opens around 1200 Friday, the sooner you check in the better. Due to the larger amount of players lines form really quick - so in order to save you time for other things to do throughout Friday, check in as soon as you can (it'll save a lot of headache in the long run, trust me). As for your question on Chrono As DEB already said, AMS uses a non tamper seal to mark that you've been chrono'd. If you change springs it will "void" that chrono and you'll have to do it again. That chrono sticker is good FOR ALL WEEKEND. You DO NOT have to chrono daily unless you "void" the sticker (can only be done be either removing it or separating the two receivers to access the gearbox).
  4. There is a new updated storyline that incorporates all the new faction (I don't know about E10 being included on this) and what has been going on over the past year, being written up by JP. It should be uploaded soon so long as he doesn't keep slacking
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