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  1. Id like to purchase a ufs ticket if anyone has one for sale! using paypal. Thanks in advance!
  2. Is the ticket still available? can buy today!!
  3. I'm on UFS and I don't know or am unaware of the secure forum password! How do I get it or do I already have it and not realize it?
  4. OlRed

    Fps limits

    Okay thanks guys!!
  5. OlRed

    Fps limits

    My gun shoots right at or a few fps over 400 with .20. But for the actual Milsim I'm going to be using .25 or .28's! Will they make any exceptions if my guns shoots faster than 400? Even if it's on by a few feet per second? This is my very first Milsim so I'm new to this! Thanks in advance for the answers!
  6. When I click on the buy tickets here link it sends me to a blank page. Anyone else having this problem?
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