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    parkour love it. Military particularly sniper training and navy seals serious about it I can't do it all but I aspire to and I train when I can would love to be sniper at ok games in the years to come we'll see another hobby is movie making and building things, self development and self building.
  1. Yes i too would like to see it I also had a camera in my face the whole time this year and was like cool got on k dog......one photo so i guess it was gray state JP where is it someone please!
  2. Hello everybody really excited about operation broken home ill be honest this is my first mil sim iv been airsofting off and on for years now iv really gone all in with it this last year and a half tho. i love military i love airsoft and really dedicated I'm 15 turning 16 this june and am from st louis and am part of slap. I got my call sign from me being lazy about making a call sign because my four man squad was busting my balls with make fun ones so i was just not doing and one of top guys in squad said you don't come up with one you call sign is sloth as in the lazy slow creature but i look at the good side of the animal long sharp claws a lot of patience good a clubbing and not being seen. so thats my call sign sloth thanks guys see you at the game!
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