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  1. Thanks for the clarification. I'll make sure she practices at the dmr regulations before we attend as in New York out rifles are 400fps with .25g and snipers are 500fps with .25g (100ft minimum distance)
  2. Confusing part is it says Bolt action and single action. I was assuming single action was something other than semi auto.
  3. Another question would be with the mag rule. The gun uses a aluminum mag that houses a vn style m4 mag. Would I be able to carry a few m4 mags on the field and swap them out of the shell or would I need to find a way to haul multiple 50 cal magazines on the field?
  4. Title basically explains it all. My wife has a barret 50 cal with a fusion engine and wants to run it at an op. I saw that the rules say bolt snipers but i was curious if there were exceptions in cases for real world sniper rifles that have semi auto capabilities? So 50.cal sniper dmr or sniper?
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