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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.


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  1. Thank you both for clarifying!
  2. Hey All! Just looking for a rule clarification. As I understand it, Paladin Marking rounds are considered a "no-go", even for eliminating vehicles. Is that correct? Also, if that is the case, I'm curious why that is. For my own satisfaction mind you. Rules are rules. See you all at Copperhead! Thanks!
  3. You better be PSA Mikey. . . It'd be sad if I'm a squad leader this year and I'd have to go against my squad leader from last year. Also, hope to be working with you again this year Kiley!
  4. Hey Guys, I want to apologize if I cause a ruckus but I wanted to give my two cents in terms of what’s been posted here already. I also want to point out that a lot of what I’ve been reading here was also said at the event and while I don’t want to point any fingers, I may reference one or two people both here and on the field. Mind you this is not an attack on anybody, just my opinion based off of my experience. Lastly, this was my first Milsim event but this is my 15th year in airsoft. First, I wanted to address what has been said about organization and communication for PSA (I’m sure it was different for UFS). Organization was quite different than what I was expecting. On paper it was perfect but in reality we were often cut-off, separated or simply not with our districts or units. In my opinion, that was awesome. I felt it perfectly fit with the amorphous nature of PSA. We were anywhere and everywhere denying UFS! I tried to roll with my district or unit leader when I could but more often than not it worked better when they could split us off to help other units in need. As for Comms. According to our matrix, we all did have separate channels for our districts and units. Whether or not everyone used them correctly. . . Well, it worked fine in PSU2. Secondly, I have to second Groot’s comment about training to an extent. However, one of the main problem’s I saw outside of minimal tactical knowledge was people who were too focused on maintaining “real steel†tactics rather than adapting them to the limitations of an airsoft replica. What would be really sweet is if AMS offered optional tactical classes Friday evening for people who’ve finished the check-in process. Even if it was simple stuff packed into a 15-30 minute lecture. Thirdly, the night FOB ambush. I feel you Groot. I was there too. It sucked and I really didn’t care for how that panned out. However, on my way out, several UFS guys stopped me and apologized for lighting me up and one even helped me with my FOB bag. You guys saved my opinion of you right there. Thank you. As for the NODs, I was probably the only PSA guy caught in that ambush that had them on and were using them (for all the good it did!). I can echo the statement that the red lights could not be distinguished through my NODs. It was a crap situation but what helped me from being utterly torn to shreds after being overshot was sticking with old faithful: dropping my gun and putting my hands up. It can be hard to stand there getting shot while their mind processes it but that little gem gets the message across the quickest in my experience. Fourthly, Water. I wholly second Tyrbell that it would be great to have water tanks at each of the FOBs, but to be completely honest, I feel that it is entirely unnecessary. Before anyone gets in a tiff here’s why: We were forewarned several times in emails and by staff that there would be no water available at this field. We personally brought 12 gallons for three people. Between hydrating, food preparation and cleaning we went through 8 gallons. We ourselves as well as at least 2 other groups brought extra food and water to the FOB for others in emergency. It’s not only water either but electrolytes. We brought a liter of pedialyte that we were cutting in to our water in addition to electrolyte gummies. I handed those gummies out like hot cakes to whomever I saw flagging on either team and had several people track me down and thank me later that day or the next. If everyone brought adequate water for their consumption needs and then some, there should have been no issues. Lastly, my only real issues I had with the event was some of the attitudes of the other players when things didn’t go their way and the tan team members who were wearing green helmets. Come on guys, it was right on the ticket you needed faction based head gear. . . Anyways, as Kaiju said: “The only person that will prevent you from having a good time is youâ€. No truer words. That was more like a nickel then it was two cents but hey, thanks for reading. This was one of, if not the best events I’ve ever been to. I will be back again! Thanks AMS!
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