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  1. Hello, I am going to take part in my fist mil sim style special forces game, next month. I'm new to the sport and have played it only as a backyard game. I will be in special forces. I will borrow the tactical gears from friends for now, as I have only saved enough to buy guns. I am planning to buy ICS airsoft gun, M4 Commando. I do hope it's a good choice. It also falls in my budget. What do you think? Also, I would appreciate some tips while playing special forces. I am also having difficulties interpreting the hand signs. May be with experience it will be cleared.
  2. well yeah, there are some players who aspires to play the game disciplined as you do. In every sport there will be slack players, it is the side effect when the sport grows.
  3. hello, I'm new airsoft. I hope to participate in milsim some day
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