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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.


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  1. Like it or not, we're gonna free the hell out of you.
  2. Boulder will have at least one representative
  3. what are the regs for woodland team?
  4. Just recently saw myself on the timeline banner down on the main page.... i look badass.
  5. hey, Gustav, i just want to say, if anyone shooting had know it was a real life emergency, they wouldn't have been shooting. honestly, though, the only things i wasn't shooting at in the air was dead rags and tan. if it looked like it was a bunch of guys huddled around cover, or a building, it looks like a juicy opportunity. if something's going on that you are taking yourself out of play, for whatever reason, you should pull your dead rag regardless. sorry that happened, though bro.
  6. I lost a kwa mkII 1911 mag in caen somewhere on Saturday
  7. this is my gun run with Raptorkat before you ask, yes i did it in PT shorts
  8. hey, pup. would you be willing to let that go for less if you didn't have to ship it?
  9. They won't believe you til you have to shoot a hostage, Doc.
  10. -don't carry things like speed loaders and loose extra bbs in the field, the shaking is a dead giveaway. -a good rule of thumb is :when you're not shooting, or reloading, you should be hydrating! -make sure to communicate everything you can with your team. if you're new to this, try to battle buddy up with someone who knows what they're doing -dust your feet with powder, and wear dry fresh socks whenever you can. your feet will thank you -the cargo pockets in your BDU are perfect for holding MRE's that you've taken out of the large brown pack. you can also eat while you're moving easily if you tear the corner off the foil and squirt your meal out. -Don't overpack yourself, also, things like shemaughs and facehoods are just going to cause you to overheat, especially if you're not used to the altitude or humidity -If you have a camelbak or water bladder NEVER NEVER NEVER put anything but water in it. that is, unless you enjoy intestinal distress when the sugar and heat turns your juice into a fermented science experiment -your M4 doesn't need that many attachments. -Stay with your squad, even if what you're doing at the time is boring, if you decide to run off in the woods and get killed, your team has to carry your weight, or worse, lose time and even players who try to rescue you! - when moving through the woods, don't let branches snap back into the guy behind your's face -also, if theres a hole, or drop off, or loose step, or other hazard, let the guy behind you know
  11. I Love to see the community taking care of it's own
  12. with my SAW, i had to take a cyndrilical file to the inside of the spring that is the bb feed tube, and install a cardboard wedge to the inside of the box to insure there was always the weight causing pressure on the bbs that were fed into said tube. all that to get a brand new box mag working. one of the things i wish i knew about before getting the stupid thing.
  13. commited enough to rain down some plastic, hate and discontent!!
  14. KWA SR7. she hurts people. Her name's Vera. she's my very favorite gun
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