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  1. that is pretty confusing in the ruleset then.
  2. the rules state that a SSW gunner may carry no more than 3k rounds in their drum mags. it also states that the gunner may carry an extra drum mag. does that mean they may carry 3k rounds in that drum mag as well?
  3. or maybe not hicaps but mid caps for it then.
  4. no the hicaps would be for my saw. ive got a m249
  5. it does say you can carry 5k rounds for the saw or two box mags. does this mean i could carry up to 7 hicap m4 mags to get up to that 5k limit?
  6. i was reading the rules and it said that the saw gunners may carry two box mags and they need a standard aeg or sidearm for use while they are shooting at players inside the same building as they are. my question is if they choose to carry a standard aeg how many mags would they ba allowed to carry with them in addition to their two box mags for the main gun?
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