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  1. Im looking to get a VFC VR16 Saber Carbine, It looks to have good performance and ascetics. My questions is. Does any one know of any problems with them? What upgrades would people make to improve Performance and accuracy? And any other general review Info. This will be my first gun in years as I am getting more free time to Airsoft. It will be for field use and Milsim. Thank you for reading.
  2. Sounds good, I am trying to start playing in this area I just dont know anyone in this area who plays. Any suggestions?
  3. Wanted to know if I can catch a ride to the event with someone, I am in Tucson so I may be on the way. i am not to sure if most people camp or stay in Lordsburg. But I can cover some gas or I work for Hilton so I can get great room prices at the Hampton Inn.
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