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  1. We already saw your order, no problem. We didn't get the promo code put in until recently. By the way, I work at Kastway.
  2. When you order online, just put in the Notes section that you would like to pick up at ESR19. It will charge you shipping, but before we finalize the transaction we will void the shipping cost. It will show up on your bank statement with the total charge when it is pending, but when it posts it will show the correct amount without shipping.
  3. The Lunch Box is CASH ONLY!!!! Bring some bills.
  4. The listings only come with what is stated in the listing and the pictures. It doesn not include a battery, charger or any other mags besides the one that it comes with. Currently I'm working with someone else to sell it, but I will update the thread if it falls through.
  5. I don't think that holding people's rifles if they chrono hot is the answer. It creates more liability for the AMS staff, and could turn out to be quite the undertaking. Also, if I don't bring a gun to chrono, then you will not even know that i have it. So if your intention is to stop cheaters, then the cheaters are still going to cheat. Also, no offense but I don't want you holding onto my guns for four days. I think that the easier soluition would be for admin's to simply check chrono tags in the field. The two things that I feel are most neglected at any op that I've been to are checking chrono tags on the field occasionally, and enforcing full seal goggles. It seems that once the game starts most of the time admins are busy with game play and don't focus on rules enforcement if it doesn't come in the form of a complaint. You can go through the pictures that the photographer took and see examples of rules violations. I do like the idea of spot checks with the chrono though. Throw that thing in a pouch and roll out. I was also going to suggest to Bo next time that we spoke about putting water at the mash units. Brad and I were running around on the four wheeler giving out water, and it was clear that the two water buffalo's were not enough. There were lots of places that the 4 wheeler could get to faster and easier then the buffalo could get to. You guys rock,
  6. We really appreciated you guys giving us a hand. That was the night that Rick and I had been up for 48 hours and we really appreciated it.
  7. I've still got the SCAR Heavy. The SCAR Light is off the market for the time being.
  8. ual001


    I've got a pair of Belleville 550's and I love them. This is the second pair that I've had. I got this pair in 2007. They arrived right before I left for WLC (SGT School in Army talk). I got them strait out of the box and left with them. I didn't feel like there was a break in period. They're still my primary pair of Combat Boots. I've also got a pair of Merrell MOAB GTX's that I really like. If I don't have to wear combat boots and I'm going to be on my feet for a long time, I'll wear these. I got them in 2008-09 and still wear them regularly. I like them so much that I got a pair of low cut ones for work.
  9. Sorry man, just sold it today.
  10. Well it seems that my OPS CORE helmet was not in the trailer. It seems that it was yanked from the Kastway building while we were packing stuff up and attending the raffle. OPS CORE doesn't make an OD green helmet with a FG chin strap. It was a replica, but if anyone knows someone who suddenly has a brand new OD Green OPS CORE helmet after Broken Home, it might be mine.
  11. I had an OD OPS CORE helmet come up missing from the Kastway shop. Were still trying to figure out if it ended up in the other trailer (which is still in Oklahoma) but in the event that someone mistook it for their and picked it up I'd love to have it back. It had a UAL patch on the side of it.
  12. It only includes the cable and MOLLE antenna mount. You have to use your own antenna.
  13. The Cobra radio from the Airport was turned into me along with two rifles, a couple of mags, and a backpack at the airfield. It was taken to the staging area and turned over to AMS Staff.
  14. I used Ricks ATV. It's not new, but it's new to me. Worked out well to run water out to people in the field:) It also gave quite a few rides back to the staging area, and rides back into the fight from the staging area.
  15. I'm not interested in trades. I'm interested in CASH. All prices do not include shipping. I'm more than happy to meet locally for transaction. If need be I can also take these with me to Broken Home if you would rather meet there. Whoever has cash first gets them first. Also, I'm selling these for a friend of mine who has a habit of buying guns and using them once. He also doesn't play very much so they tend to sit in his house after he gets them. Most of these are basically brand new, so if your in the market for these guns, then they will be a great deal. I'm taking care of them for him because he's not got a very flexible schedule and lets face it...Computers are really hard. If there are any problems with them I'll list them. These will probably go up on Ebay after Broken Home when I have more time. If you would like to have me ship the item to you, then I will take paypal. PM me for the details regarding that type of transaction. Thanks for looking. If your interested in something that is SPF, just follow the thread. I will update if something falls through. (SOLD)First up, G&G M14 EBR. This gun was used for a half a day at OK Invision in 2011. It's stock and comes with 10 Magazines. 9 Midcaps, one has a Magpul on it, and the High Cap that comes with it. It is missing the castle nut on the flash hider currently but we are working with the G&G distributer to get it replaced. If you buy this gun before we get the castle nut, we will still try to get it to you. You can see it in the pics of the flash hider. Asking 350. Retail is 450 so your still getting a good deal for basically a new gun. (SPF)Second, ARES SCAR-L w/EGLM. This gun was carried for half a day at Reindeer Games 10 in Fort Hood by one of the members of the Diplomatic PSD team. It is stock and has had about 400 bb's through it. This gun isn't even manufactured anymore by ARES. If you buy both the Grenade Launcher and the Gun seperate you are going to spend much more then were asking here. This gun has a rear site that is missing one of the clamps that holds it onto the rail. It has the rear site just be aware that it is missing a part. I think that we've got another floating around and am trying to locate it. Asking 350 Third, VFC SCAR H. (Retail 330-380)This gun has never been used in a game. It's only been shot in the backyard to make sure that it works. It comes with 4 VFC midcaps with low profile magpuls (Retail 29.99 ea) and 1 highcap. Asking 330 (SOLD)Fourth, SR 47. This is a conversion kit made by Hurricane back in the day. It's been used at one op. The conversion kit was about 500 itself. http://www.evike.com...oducts_id=25179 This one has a TN tightbore barrel in it and High Speed Gears. It has an AK-74 type flash hider on it and has a Crane stock. It is wired to Deans connectors and comes with two Crane stock batteries and two magazines. Asking 350 Fifth, RPK. This is the old RPK kit that Guarder used to make. It's another example of something that got built and never used. The kit is still listed on Redwolf with the original price at 918 dollars. This was before any company made a purpose built RPK and the only way to get one was to buy the conversion kit. It's got promethius (SP?) internals and has never been fielded in a game. It's all wood and steel. The original gun used for the conversion kit was a TM AK-47. Comes with the bipod, three mags, Sling and two Custom 3000mah NiMH batteries for the buttstock. Asking 350 gun. It's Also we have a Hurricane 553 Holo Sight (TAN) that has never been used or mounted on a gun, just been sitting in the box. It retails for about 200 http://www.airsoftgi...roducts_id=3934 Asking 165 If you have any questions please reply here, or shoot me a pm.
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