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  1. I just moved to Georgia a month ago, looking to go to PowerOps when I get a truck. If you have any room on the team I am down to join!
  2. Which radios do you recommend? I've never been to an OP before.
  3. Anyone got a gear/loadout basic checklist no everything we should bring to the OP?
  4. I know on the ticket order page it said specifically tan flight suit. But I was curious about a Sage/Green color one. I'm shooting for a U.S. Air Force Aviator look, and I can't do that with a tan suit haha! Any feedback much appreciated!
  5. Was wondering if someone could answer my question here. I am going to register under UFS, could I do a U.S. Air Force JTAC loadout as long as it complies with the dress code of the UFS? The loadout is just multicam top and bottom with tan accessories.
  6. I think us Arizonians should all car pool haha!
  7. I'm hoping this thread will help me along with many others with the same concern. I am coming from Arizona about 4.5 hours from the training center. What's the nearest hotel that I could get?
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