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  1. My callsign came from America's Army video game and on field as I was known to sneak behind enemy lines and flush out my enemies. I'll sneak in the dark and take out my foes using my trusty sniper rifle. Ever since then, it has stuck to me.
  2. Hello to the AMS Community! My name is Winston, a.k.a "iMasterVamper" from Albany, New York. (Also my gamer tag on Steam, America's Army, Battlefield 4 etc etc..) I've played airsoft on smaller fields (CQC and local indoor arenas) but not to this global scale. I've been watching videos on American Milsim and it has interested me to try out something new and not playing with "kids" haha. Especially with Jet DesertFox, Matt from EVIKE, Novritsch and others who sparked my drive to expand my horizon in the airsoft world. I can't wait to attend some of these events as my very first event that I'm planning to attended is either OP: Faded Giant 5 or OP: Reindeer Games XV. I'm also a certified EMT in my state, so if anyone needs a medic on their platoon let me know ! I run the loadouts of either a sniper or DMR. But I'm trying to save money for improvements and preparation Faded Giant because I know this event is going to be huge! I'm excited to meet all of you guys soon and to learned from others a bit more tactics and strategies on the field and off. See you all on the battlefield! HOOAH!
  3. Hey man, I'm from Albany, New York. Empire State
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