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  1. Hello! I'm looking into buying a set of walkies for myself and few others. I've heard that there are a ton of varieties and different squads use different brands. What I'm wondering is: is there a walkie or brand that is used predominantly or is more widespread? I'm hoping to not have to get another set in the future if I join up with a squad or team. Thanks! Fred
  2. Hello! I am what I would call a casual airsofter; I go to my local field on weekends. But I am interested in doing my first milsim event sometime soon. I don't have any Milsim knowledge or experience. I have a Krytac Trident SPR with an upgraded spring, but I am wondering if that is going to hold up against competition like polarstars. My Question: Is my current weapon good enough (in terms of range) to stand a chance at a milsim event, or should I upgrade it more (if so, what should I do?)/look at different weapons? My worry is that I won't even be able to engage people who will beat me in range and firepower. I'm currently a student, so I'm on a budget. Thanks, Fred
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