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  1. Will you participate in the 06/18-06/19 Twin Cities Airsoft event?
  2. Spare batteries, extra socks, underwear,cold/wet weather gear, tools, bb's, wet wipes.
  3. Also . . I would advise restricting your caffeine a few days prior and during the milsim. If you had more time to prepare I would also advise some metabolic conditioning to ensure you aren't too winded.
  4. 6-8" boots and water, water, water! I would also bring protein bars to eat throughout the day and make sure your blouse and trousers aren't tailored fit; a more loose fit will aide in regulating your body temperature.
  5. http://i1027.photobucket.com/albums/y339/hankook85/temporary_zps28ffxzh7.jpg Still working on the rig.
  6. What's not to love, right? The only time, sadly, the U.S. Government got something right. Ha
  7. iRonin

    UFS Radio

    I'm guessing my midland lxt1800 cannot be programmed for the frequencies. Bummer, ill buy a Baofeng later.
  8. Deployment =/= loadout, my bad. I am trying to find something functional, cheap, and comfortable. When I was still active duty, we had these god forsaken PC which also held our magazine and radio pouches and I hated them. The Vietnam era crossdraw harnesses were my personal favorite and I'm attempting to build something similar for my loadout during games. **I apologize for the format, mobile phone is being childish.
  9. The sniper & pistol will be returned, unopened. I bought the S&W MP40 c02 pistol and spare magazines.
  10. I actually own a DE AK47 RIS Fully Automatic Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ Side Folding Stock. You've been a great help buddy, I think I will save money for a semi-automatic M4 DMR down the road and enjoy the AK47 for now.
  11. http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/2258-wellfire-aps-sr-2-modular-bolt-action-sniper-rifle-mb06a-black.aspx WellFire APS SR-2 Modular Bolt Action Sniper Rifle MB06A - BLACK Your thoughts?
  12. I use the 5.11 Field Ops SureShot watch with a digital compass. I plan to upgrade to a Garmin GPS watch soon.
  13. Cybergun Swiss Arms Black Eagle Licensed M6 Airsoft Sniper Rifle Umarex Licensed Beretta MOD 92FS Heavyweight Airsoft Spring Pistol I cannot find spare magazines for either weapon. Can anyone provide some insight?
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