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  1. I have a Matrix Mich 2000 helmet. It's not as "tacticool" as some more expensive helmets out there, but it works perfectly for my needs. Also, about Blackhawk holsters. If you do get the EF 1911, make sure you get the "Commander" version 1911 holster. Blackhawk holsters are awesome imo. I currently have two; one for my EF 1911 and one for my Beretta m92a1.
  2. I'll just make a couple of suggestions. If you're trying to stick to a budget, I wouldn't bother getting a sidearm, smoke grenades, or "frag" grenades. If you have your heart set on running with a pistol, I recommend the Elite Force 1911 tac. As far as holsters go, pick up a Blackhawk SERPA from Amazon--they're priced pretty reasonably. Also, it might just be my opinion, but I wouldn't invest in a radio either. Since this is your first Milsim event, I'm assuming that you won't be in a position of authority. I recon that your radio would go unused. Also, Avengers makes good quality chest rigs and plate carriers, and Phantom gear makes all sorts of molle pouches.
  3. Well, they told me that I can't sell a kidney until I'm 18, so that settles it--woodland marpat it is....COST here I come!
  4. I'm planning an Elite Force Next-Gen CFR m4 build and need some advice. I would like to leave the real "guts" of the gun stock and just concentrate on replacing the hop-up and barrel. Now, I already have the 2015 EF cqb m4, and I upgraded it with a ProWin hop-up chamber, Prometheus bucking and nub, and a 6.05 "BC" Prometheus barrel extended through an 8-inch silencer. Needless to say, performance was much improved. For the CFR, I'm going to use the same ProWin-Prometheus combo for the hop-up, but I'm not sure what barrel to get. The gun should shoot around 380-390 fps and the barrel length needs to be 363mm. I was thinking of just getting a Madbull 6.01 tightbore, but then I heard that tightbores can reduce the range of your gun. What barrel brand/diameter would your guys recommend?--taking the fps and barrel length of the CFR into account.
  5. Thanks for the link Zone. That site looks promising.
  6. Okay then, thanks for answering my question. I guess I'll have to divorce my DPM and invest in some multicam. Does anyone know where I can find some reasonably priced multicam? Anything on the online airsoft stores is priced like designer clothing and is bloody expensive.
  7. Aidan Stettner


    That was great to read, and I wish I could have been there!
  8. Please ignore my reply about Woodland DPM. I already found an answer -- "Since it's not in the list, it's not approved" -- that's a real shame. We can use something as "different" as caiman, multicam tropic, AOR2, Tiger Stripe, and Snow Raptor, but something as classic and basic as Woodland DPM isn't allowed? I'm sorry, but I just don't see the logic there. I'm a mature individual, and this isn't a rant (well, not really). I'm honestly curious as to why it isn't allowed. Is it because it's British? Do you only allow American camo patterns?
  9. Hello. My loadout consists of a full set of British Woodland DPM camo and OD plate carrier/webgear and OD helmet. Would that work for COST? Woodland DPM looks very similar to standard woodland camo if you didn't know. Thank you.
  10. My callsign is BeGe. It was given to me during a 12 day hike in the New Mexican mountains. To this day, I have no idea what it means.
  11. I have a question that I am hoping someone on here can answer. On the American Milsim home page, right below the AMS sponsors, is a section titled Upcoming Events 2016. I have been keeping an eye on it for a while and I noticed that there are two operations, one in August and one in October that say: OP: Announcing Soon. My question is, is this just a fluke? Or does anyone know if there actually is anything planned for those months? I'm curious, because it seems like most AMS events are planned pretty far in advance. Thanks
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