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  1. Depends on your fps. It could run as dmr if you're pushing 450 and locked at semi only. Otherwise, under 400 would be rifleman.
  2. Yup to above. Google is your best friend. And about flying: I discourage sending your gear with you due to horror stories of luggage being lost. Find another way to send gear and guns if you fly.
  3. Sheepdog

    CDF Camo Question

    Well going by what this says I'd say no. It's seems pretty specific in stating "grey, black, or civilian attire." Urban Camo isn't any of those.
  4. Or hot tub with cute girls bringing drinks.... whichever.
  5. Which means it will be cost and cdf vs ufs like always. And I would like for you guys to get back to the cdf that we had at obh 1 (my age is showing) where they were not always armed. Sometimes they would just walk through the ao as civilians and we would have to deal with them as such. It added a whole other level to game play and training that we haven't seen since.
  6. It's called Indigo Sky. I know last year it sold out in January. It may be worth calling and checking though. Never know. And jp is right, it's awesome.
  7. Out there you will find that most of the patterns for cost work really well. Basic m81 is super cheap and works great in the vegitation. I recommend steering clear of mandrake, as it is hard for both sides to tell at a distance, which leads to getting team killed. Btw... #UFSwarmachine
  8. PPM will be there 100% UFS Alpha company leading the way!
  9. Doh. Just saw that. Thats what I get for posting late at night. Well, nothing really changes then, except emphasis on does it HAVE to be cleared. You remove the guys watching and move a team of two through all rooms, having to clear again every time entering the hallway.
  10. There are so many un answered questions. If doors are open then pie doorways and create a stable foothold outside the building. If confirmed enemy in building, then grenades are a feasible option. If unsure, grenades are not feasible. Then you would need entry. Do we HAVE to clear this or can we move around it? How much time do we have to clear it? Windows? Is is boobie trapped? What forces are expected inside? All that aside, I will play the game, since no one else did. lol. I am assuming a team of 5 guys, entering quietly, clearing the building quietly. 5 people. Split on north door and creating stable foothold. Green moves in and clears west rooms in order marked while blue watches both hallways. Once green is clear, blue moves up and clears rooms in order and green holds hallway.
  11. Yeah Specs hit the nail on the head. It is to prevent someone walking by a ground floor window and taking an ear full of full auto 249 fire. Doesn't matter from second story, but it does from first. You will love rebel yell. And don't worry too much about a team before then. If you find one great, if not just get hooked up with Ron Mexico and he'll get you taken care of at RY.
  12. Well fabrication of just about anything is possible. The question is your experience, skill level, tools available, etc. Is it doable? Of course. Feasible for YOU to do it. I don't know. I wouldn't have the time or patience to build something like that, but more power to you if you do.
  13. Hey there. Sorry you picked CoST. Feel free to holler if you ever have any questions.
  14. Welcome man. Looking forward to seeing you on the field sometime. You ever have any questions hit me up.
  15. I have a dream! Where men can simply play by the rules..... Jk. The war crimes are going down, and I think its due to players keeping players accountable. Good job to both sides.
  16. Good going UFS. And props to both teams for fewest wc's. That's bad ass.
  17. Thanks Alex. Keep up the good work dudes.
  18. Alex, as a pov owner, would it be possible at future events to distinguish assault trucks from transport trucks? Like all assault trucks are odd numbered and transports are even numbered? Something simple, but that way the player base is able to distinguish? Our truck looks like a transport, but is registered as a gun truck. We have had several people confront us about it and we have to explain. Just a thought.
  19. Panhandle Patriot Milsim had a great time. We started off Saturday ditching the truck and heading out to find Alpha 3 which was tasked to find the infamous CP6, but had lost radio contact with command. Found them, but never found CP6. After 2 hrs of land nav, coordinates, Bo being jealous of our Alpha patches, hiking, looking, sweating, we cut our losses and regrouped at coleville. Most of the guys were tired by this point so we set up a defensive position on the NW corner of Coleville while the truck made a run to the fob to drop off intel. The rest of Saturday was mostly defensive, with light contact scattered throughout the day. Sunday rolls around. No Pov's. Well shit. We move out with the rest of Alpha at game on to push down the east side of Coleville down toward Omaha Beach. Once we set a line, we set up our MRP north east of the church. Most of sunday was hard fighting on Omaha beach and south along that ravine toward pegasus. Lots of intense firefights, Lots of bounding. Lots of medic-ing. It was a blast. Cost broke our line at one point, and pushed into colevill at the northeast corner, but we were able to rearm and push back, taking advantage of the enemies fatigue and lack of ammo. It was a blast. Overall impressions from this game: Pros 1. Admin: Despite some others saying they had conflicting info coming down from admin, this was the first event where PPM didn't encounter that. Normally because we run a truck, we have admin on our ass all weekend (and rightly so). This event was different, and it was nice to see the admin on the same page in that aspect. 2. Command: PPM has been dedicated UFS since OBH 1, and we will never change sides because of 1 thing. UFS Command. Guys like Top, Ron. Danarchy. Jazzman, and all the others that we didn't interact with at this event are the reason UFS is so strong. People who know how to inspire people to play hard, push themselves, and not quit until we win. You won't see UFS command leading from the back. 3. Players: This OBH saw the best player base I have witnessed at an AMS event. I witnessed only 2 problems with hit calling (both UFS players), and both were simply them not realizing they were hit, and when I told them they said "Really?" and laughed and popped their rag. Great job to both sides. 4. Weather: To those who have played at other OBH events, you will understand what I mean when I say "Ill take any weather that isn't triple digits, full humidity, and no breeze. The rain was awesome. Playing soaking wet sucks, walking through the mud sucks, crawling through the mud sucks, driving in the mud sucks, guns going down sucks, and it was awesome. 5. Morale: UFS command did a great job of keeping the troops motivated and in the fight. It FELT like we had less attrition this year as opposed to other years. Props. Cons: 1. Field Usage: AMS, I understand that you were trying to play the field differently from years passed. Didn't want the same old game. Just my opinion: those of us that continue to come to broken home year after year are not upset about the same old game. If you want to change things up, than change the goals of the game. But taking the fights away from the places that dday built to fight in? We didn't enjoy that as much as previous years. 2. CP6: wtf....... 3. Indigo Sky: This was the biggest bummer about the weekend. Our team has almost as much fun bull shitting at the casino as we do playing at DDay. This year they sold out for that weekend in February. Oh well. We still got to go eat at Montana Mikes with Ron and the Dark Horse guys. 4. T-Rex: I cant stand that dude. (jk, just being a shit) Rex, you offered to fight me for my ITS Honey Badger patch but we never got the chance. Here's to hoping we can scrap for it at some point. 5. No POV on Sunday: If I had to be pissed off about one thing it would be this. Not so much because we necessarily need to use the truck, but because as a team, we invest a lot of money to haul that thing from Amarillo TX to dday, and I'd rather it not just sit there while we play. That being said, I do understand the reason's for them being pulled. Huge thanks to AMS for a great event, and I personally cannot wait until OBH 5. PPM will be there in force. Sheepdog Panhandle Patriot Milsim Alpha leads the way!
  20. I personally wouldn't, because I want to be able to focus on my guys. Can you? Of course, assuming it meets # limitations per squad.
  21. If you have the ability to coordinate types of headgear, no reason not to. It looks great when squads are all kitted up and look "uniform". That being said, don't stress about it if you can't. Color is what matters. Wear something that is blatantly obviously your team color or camo. Normally head cover is all that the enemy can see of your uniform.
  22. Sounds like you've got it figured out. If you decide to proceed you should post a topic in the General Milsim thread that follows your progress. Update it as you go. I'm sure there are more than one of us that would like to watch as it happens.
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