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  1. Edit: Accidental double post from mobile
  2. The "uniform tops and bottoms must match" rule was removed early last year. You are allowed to mix and match camo patterns as long as you only use the patterns from your faction. EG, MC Tropic bottoms and a RG top is fine. But MC Tropic Bottoms and a Black top is not fine.
  3. I think you need to re-read the ruleset, in both the DMR section and the Magazines section is states that you may only carry 7 magazines. As far as I'm aware, the 1,500 round limit is an old rule that is null because of the new 7 mag limit. It's not possible for you to carry that many rounds in 7 mid cap mags.
  4. Can one of the admins help me out here, talk to me about the PSA guys for Copperhead. Are they going to be like the UFS scouts from BH5, out and about 24/7 or are they going to be just a side group to do specific DAMs and junk? Just give me the full run down on them if you can. Thanks! -Toad
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  6. Toad

    CDF Camo Question

    Is CDF Headgear supposed to be Black/Grey/Civlian as well?
  7. Toad

    CDF Camo Question

    For the CDF uniform, it states as such... "CDF: Civilian Defense - TOP AND BOTTOM CAN'T MATCH. Top may be Grey, Black or Civilian Attire (Preferred non-combat top). Bottom may be Green / Tan (Solid or Camo) or Civilian Attire. TAC Gear color DOES NOT MATTER." Now then, does this mean we can have a camo top or not? I have an urban camo top that I would like to pair with OD green bottoms, is this allowed or do I need to find something else? Thanks! -Toad
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