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  1. I usually bring a spring shotgun, mostly as a backup for cold weather (like last year's End State). So yes, they are allowed. On a nice day; however, at 100 foot ranges, you will probably find yourself being out-ranged and out-gunned by the guys with well-tuned AEGs and HPA set-ups. With a tri-shot, you effectively get 10 shots (3 bbs each) off before reloading; and then, while you are reloading, the other guy with a standard mid-cap magazine can respond with 80-120 rounds. For clearing buildings, a tri-shot works well and I used one frequently at the old FAA facility, which was an old office facility that would be somewhat similar to the AO at Faded Giant. Overall, however, as a main weapon system for an AMS game, I would suggest investing in a mid-range M4 platform (something in the $250-$400) to be on par with others on the field. In the meantime, keep playing with the spring shotgun. It will make you a better player in the long run.
  2. Practice is the biggest thing with a rocket launcher, because it is far from a "point and click" kind of system. Range depends not only on the arc of fire, but also on the round, wind and CO2/gas pressure, which drops depending on number of rounds fired and the temperature. A shooter has to constantly balance these factors and make an educated guess as to where the round will drop. Practice is a necessity to effectively use a launcher. But with practice, they can be an asset in the AO: https://youtu.be/noTgaVByj4M
  3. Missing black Baofeng UV-5R radio with extended battery. Battery did not clip in tightly, so may have been in two pieces.
  4. Often times, I hear players on foot complain about how "over-powered" vehicles are in milsim and airsoft games. Over the years, that has lead to substantial restrictions and handicaps on their use at games. What most non-mechanized players don't realize is that for every minute or two of glory on the field with a vehicle, there is an hour spent covered in grease and dirt working on it, stranded on the side of the road or stuck in the mud, or just staring at the damn thing wondering why it won't work after I spent so much money. Appreciate the time that guys like this put into them and what they add to the support and welcome them as a challenge to be overcome on the field.
  5. Frankly, it didn't make much sense to me either. I kept searching for the flag in Caen and asked admins after the came where it was and they told me that it was taken down.
  6. Trunk: While it may not have seemed like there was a plan on Sunday, there was, even if it was formulated in the 10 minutes between rally, (when we were told it was scored and not a run and gun shoot-em-up game) and when we started shipping people out in the deuces . I was the "some guy" who told you Alpha and Delta was merged because we lost Delta's leadership and we were working in much smaller area than the previous day, The plan was fairly straight-forward. Main elements were to secure Coleville and CP-6, then Ron Mexico was leading the attack on the east side of the field, (we later found there was a large section called out of bounds that hampered a flanking move there). Jazzman was leading the way on the west side, where we were pushing troops to work through the wooded area. As for the final push up the center, that was the primary avenue of approach to the last flag and CoST's MRP. Some small elements, with me included, were able to skirt around on the west to the rear and put that under fire, but there wasn't time on Sunday for a major flanking push (and that would have left our defensive objectives exposed). From a scoring perspective, we had to place forces between Coleville and Pegasus to prevent CoST from taking Coleville and screen the western side of the field in order to prevent CoST from taking CP6. We accomplished both those objectives and still blew the bridge at Pegasus (our second FRAGO) and came close to taking the Pegasus flag, while bringing their MRP under fire. While I would have loved to see us take the last flag from CoST, our people gave 100% and I'm happy with the outcome on Sunday. 3-Gun: Ultimately, like Jazz said, only 3 were scored. Caen's flag was out of play and taken down by admins before game was over, as me and Long Hair discovered when rolling around to hit the MRP at the end of the game.
  7. Everybody around here has been trying to sell me on the GHK G5; but I'm a purist, so I went with the GHK AK. Shoots well and beautiful. If you are an AK guy, take a look at GHK.
  8. Danarchy


    I have been an advocate of dropping the unscored extra cost DAM missions for a while in favor of the more random available to all players FRAGO type missions that we saw at End State. While I didn't get in on one and while it was a headache to deal with as command staff, I think they are a plus in several ways. First, they add an additional scoring element. Second, they provide that "action hero" element to the experience for all players. Most of us don't spend hundreds for a real factual simulation of the day in the life of an infantryman, but to experience what movies and videogames portray as an authentic conflict experience. Third, yes, they drag a sizeable portion of the combat effective force off the field, breaking morale. We rolled with it effectively and where able to maintain unit cohesion even when outnumbered, as did the CoST forces. Ultimately, however, the numerically superior force prevailed during each segment, thereby preventing the stalemates that we saw at last year's event. The most impressive achievement of both teams was the percentage of players that showed up and stayed on the field despite the weather. Kudos to all of who showed up and pushed hard all weekend. At my age, maybe I should take up golf, where they play in nice weather, but for me the challenge of trying to hint down others in the whatever miserable conditions nature presents just seems like the more entertaining option. Thanks to my UFS people for going strong all night and for two days. Compliments to Greg; Adam and the rest of CoST, particularly on Sunday morning for pushing forward deep into UFS territory and seizing the closest flag. We did not expect that and completely put us off task, until Top called for us to regroup and take that flag. Well played, gentlemen.
  9. Lost cold steel knife. Coated with mud crawled through at last three games, but my name is under mud.
  10. It was explained at one event as one HWS, one DMR, one HMG, one medic per squad, one leader and the rest rifleman. One guy could hypothetically fill two or 3 roles, e.g. DMR/medic/SL, but it isn't the most effective use of troops.
  11. This topic inspired me to edit my footage of day 2 at End State 2 and this is the only gameplay footage (even if it was all in my hypothermia damaged head) of day 2. http://youtu.be/eNWwoJqeR-8
  12. Slept in the field Saturday night in a tent, woke up ready to keep fighting Sunday morning.
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  14. Cain and Skipper - you have been added to the rosters per your request. Dan
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