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  1. Soda, Good leadership, and proper planning on their part will ensure that issues of supply get sorted out with minimal fuss.... The theory is that by providing a challenging job opportunity for the Chain of Command that competent people will WANT to do it, and do it well. As it stands at normal airsoft games nobody in their right mind wants to be in charge because it is a goat-roping-cat-herding-hair-pulling trauma. Hopefully people see the chance to do good work in the Command levels and step up. Hopefully this is what will happen over the next few events/years at AMS. I know it has worked well in smaller events where the realism has been cranked up a few notches, and it would be great to see it working in a larger event. (I agree with you, however, that in the current environment it will be rife with problems) The brute force way to fix this is for AMS to provide the ammo (all the same type mostly) and then it doesn't matter which box shows up as your resupply. Central War Gaming has done this to good effect, but is much smaller, and has a clientele that is clamoring for that option. Here are two CWG players carrying the ammo cans with the event supplied BBs. This sort of option however DOES NOT negate the actual issues with Command sending the resupply. Regardless of what is inside the boxes, you still have to get the box!
  2. It was pretty common for international players to come out for OP:Eastwind. We never had someone come over and be disappointed. AMS should be right up your alley. There is also plenty of good fun to be had off the airsoft field as well.
  3. I have not made time to write up my AAR after using my M151 at Broken home this year. That said, this is it in a nut shell. Mobility, and survivability are two separate issues. My "jeep" was strictly a mobility asset in our planning/use. And it did this very well. Military Cargo trucks are also mobility assets. They move the goods and the asses across the field quickly and without breaking the stuff or tiring the soldier. Survivable vehicles are the classic armored whatever (pick your favorite) Armored things are designed to survive a certain threat. I personally don't care how, exactly, we simulate our lack of uber-expensive military hardware... what I would like to see is a permissive environment where trucks get used like trucks.... to provide mobility. If they get used in "poor life choice" areas then it gets killed. Survivable (ie. armored) vehicles are a whole different ball of wax. Usually they have some tradeoff, the biggest being weight, and restricted visibility. Whatever the answer may be, the current rules are a kill joy, because a real armored vehicle is not as capable as a pickup truck with sheet metal screwed over the windows. The current rule system is blending everything together, and that is where many of our problems lay. Several countries still use the M151.... that is where many of the hard to find parts are still being manufactured. Good thing too! They also use Toyota pickups, not because they are better but because they are cheap. For the kind of fight at AMS, toyota pickup trucks are not good options. We do have a choice in what we bring. We just need to pick the right option FOR US, not for Pakistan or, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, or any other real country.
  4. Clocks. I realized during the event, that the clocks could have been done much better by using chess clocks.... Does exactly the same thing, is cheap, and could be more durable. Also prevents cheating. If you use the current system nothing keeps a guy from just bringing extra batteries. Personally I dislike playing for time/points, but if you are going to do it, this would enhance the experience (Also be much easier on the Admin work load.)
  5. You are most welcome. All for fun. I was never actually in a hurry all day.
  6. Can we get a rules set that does not need a Lawyer on retention? The elephant in the room is: Why is there a difference between transport and gun trucks?
  7. I took a picture of my truck at Eastwind. This is what it looked like at the event, minus the small piece of netting on the front bumper. That got sucked under the wheels and ripped off right before BH4. The trailer was not attached at the time of the incident. And two new lifting-eye hub caps had been replaced on the front axles.
  8. That guy driving the jeep was me.... I wondered as we did that if our actions would seem improper. We were under the impression that the vehicle was classified as a gun truck. I am typing up an AAR on the weekend and will share some more thoughts and explanations.
  9. CP-6 was visible (just barely) from the trail that started at the north edge of the airfield, going into west down into the valley. Everyone kept expecting it to be farther South and nearer the bottom of the valley.
  10. Ah, the joys of owning a truck. This story motivates me to get back to the PMCS grindstone. I'm impressed though, at the amount of bad luck you guys have to work through.
  11. Is that distance round trip, or one way? A couple of us Kansas/Oklahoma guys are considering an airsoft road trip to the North West. Kolt, you are more likely to get stuffed into the trunk of a nearby car.
  12. That has to be an interesting story, and hopefully one that ended well. I wonder what the traffic cone on the side is doing? In the real world shit happens. No argument. Also not arguable is, in the real world that Marriott truck and a purpose built military truck are nothing alike. In airsoft where we set limits, we can create an environment where they become the same. At which point the cheaper and simple option is the smart option. And right now the smart option is a U-haul truck. I bet you could even get them to work at the DDAY Park, for Broken Home. Just need to get the smaller ones with less overhang behind the rear axle.
  13. I hear you Rex. At Broken Home this year I am bring my M151A2 to the event. Unless I hear otherwise it will be used as the COST Commander's vehicle, providing him with outstanding mobility, while also being safe, and of course stylish. (I can only drive one at a time, you know) As noted before, have been doing this for more years than there has been a AMS, and most owners are not willing to come.... they ARE interested, but do not feel welcome. Nor do they feel it is worth their time, or possible damage. Until we change that perception they will remain uninterested.... and the gung-ho players will continue to come up with innovative ways to get the mission done. I applaud the innovative part, and know the feeling of accomplishment from making due with what we have on hand. I just wish we would do even more.
  14. Too late I already do own multiple Military vehicles and haul them all over the place. Two of these are mine, the rest belong to people in Kansas and Missouri who play airsoft! Several of us have been providing them free of charge to AMS for years. This is experience talking. But why bother? Please don't take this personally, since the U-haul idea is logical in AMS environments.... and so is my reason for being very selective in where I bring my military vehicles. This is not intended to bash you, or any Organizers, rather it will explain why you did not see my trucks down there, nor will you see my trucks in an AO where a U-haul truck is acceptable. Here is the why in long form: Any vehicle's design is a trade off in performance. A rugged go anywhere vehicle that is simple in function and simple to fix will not have the same features and high ground-speed or handling performance as something designed for the paved road. Compare a Ford 1 ton dually VS. Jeep wrangler VS Chevy Malibu. All three are designed to do something different. Can you drive the 1 ton to work everyday? sure. Will it get the same milage as the Malibu? But it will tow/haul a lot more. Can the jeep fit into smaller spaces than the car? They are about the same, yet the jeep is NOT a sedan and we do not argue this point. Bigger trucks are the same. A M35A2 gets about the same fuel mileage as that moving van, and hauls about the same number of people, and yet they are not the same vehicle. Paint on the outside doesn't matter anymore than carpet on the inside matters to the vehicles performance. Driving a "Deuce and a half" on a thousand mile trip is doable. (I am about to drive one 800 miles from Kansas to Ohio this weekend) There are several of us who used to do this for events. It takes a bit of work, and a decent amount to time to keep them running. But it is our hobby and we enjoy it, mostly. The cost is not as insurmountable as people assume. But the cost to benefit must be worth doing. Why do I not drive or trailer my vehicles to all AMS events? Because the are better options. Why do other people not bring armored vehicles? Because AMS has designed a game where real military vehicles (especially armored ones) are at a disadvantage. Why would anybody spend their time to be good at something only to have a permanent handicap? If I had driven my truck towing several other trucks to OP Copperhead, and my fellow drivers showed up in a U-haul truck what do you think my response would have been? Would I have though: -Those smart bastards have A/C? Yep -That is a pretty clever way to get a big truck for hauling gear and ass? Yep -Bet that saves a lot of fuel? Yep. I would also think (as I do right now): -Why do I bother bringing the correct truck? Yep! -Why should I bother to bring it next time? Damned right, Yep. -Why should I bother to bring actual armored vehicles? That real armor weights too much, to compete with fiberglass. -I get treated the same way for kill rules as that obviously unarmored thing? Checks rules.... Yep. So in the end the reason that nobody brings military vehicles is not the cost, distance, or even the rules.... it is the players who bring pickup trucks with an MG stuck on top; it is the players who bring U-haul trucks as transports; it is the players who bring a fiberglass covered dune buggy as a "gun-truck." Those of us who own the real trucks are fucking crazy, and willing to do drive. We WANT a place to use our vehicles to the advantage provided by designers 40 years ago. And we want to have fun doing it. Competing at a disadvantage is not crazy it is stupid. Just because we are nuts does not mean that we are stupid. As players you will have to chose what you want at the games. If U-haul trucks as transports is what you want then who am I to say no. I don't try to chose your beer for you, or your favorite sports team either. Just don't expect me to like your favorites sports team... Also don't even hope that I will work hard to show up to airsoft events that do not offer the slightest glimmer of hope that my truck will be appreciated. Even if someone else does pay the gas money.
  15. So we are not even trying anymore? The ultimate way to get a cardboard and plywood paintball tank. Except you don't have to build it, haul it, keep it running, or even bother to paint it. Too bad it doesn't have windows in the back. Just rent it for the weekend, and bam, you have yourself a bright orange and white assault wagon. While you are at it. Most Penske trucks have wooden floors. If you bought some park benches, you could screw them down to the wooden floors and have seats in the back (don't tell your rental agent) This would allow you to pack even more junk, and ever more "Special Forces Operators" into the back. After the event just unscrew the benches and sweep some dust into the holes, and nobody will know/care. This might be too much work, but it would be worth it compared to the utter laziness of using a moving truck at a supposedly serious airsoft game.
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