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  1. Contact me via text on my business cell at 843-703-2118. Thanks.
  2. For some reason, they also list DCU and 3 color desert separately, when in fact they are the same pattern.
  3. Fps, accuracy,range; that sort of thing. I wasn't even aware that they made one.
  4. What wise sage amongst us has any knowledge of this rifle? I came across one today, and I'd like to know the technical side of things before I commit to buying it.
  5. Dude no nonsense in me not revealing my employer. It's called an NDA, and it's punishable in a court of law.
  6. Looking for the Project Honor speed draw plate carrier, holster, and bladder cover.
  7. I copy, BEAVER. I'm re enlisting myself, pending the approval of my medical waiver.
  8. Assaulter. I've also been part of recce team, but I prefer assaulter.
  9. If you guys want it to be realistic, introduce terrorists. FG5 could be about re taking a captured Nuclear facility, and rescuing hostages, versus what it currently is. That's all my team does, is scenario play based upon real world training and missions.
  10. Lol, this is sounding fun, but not realistic. On a real world mission, an assaulter would carry 10-12 mags for himself, with 2-4 on his back panel for his mates. I appreciate the heads up.
  11. As you stated, PMC/PSC have many functions, the most visible being security operations. The less visible are those who actually conduct Combat Operations, in conjunction with SOF. On a personal level, I'm drawn to that role due to the flexibility provided. You are free to think and act as you see fit, within a more or less defined set of mission parameters. The job requires a more mature asset, as decisions have to be made quickly and independently from rear echelon leadership. You have to be knowledgeable on many fronts, and you have to adapt to an ever changing environment. They are in essence the civilian version of SOF, and are classified as special Operations Forces on some levels. Which is why their ranks are comprised mostly of retired operators.
  12. Thanks. I'm hoping for a good experience. I'll be representing the Special Operations Warrior Foundation while I'm there, to raise awareness about the organization and what they do.
  13. Since this will be my first time participating in an American MilSim event, I wanted to hear from guys who have played in FG4. Round count for a Rifleman is 1500 rounds. At FG4, how many rounds did you typically fire? How many guys used low cap mags, and how many mags did you carry?
  14. My name is Mike Smith, I'm 37, and I've been into Airsoft for two years now. I started off doing reviews of guns and gear, and progressed into training individual players and teams. I have twelve years of training in private security, with two years in the Guard. My training includes CQB, hostage rescue, interviews and interrogation, personal protection, and Asymmetric Warfare. I continue to train Airsoft players in discretionary warfare, but also conduct entry level training for players and teams as well. I'm interested in participating in FG5 in a leadership role if available. Have a good one.
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