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  1. My name Weston Kosina, call sign "Splinter", which I use in most video games I play. I am your typical PC gamer who really enjoyed playing fps shooters such as battlefield, but back in early 2013 I had thought about wanting to do something else than just sit on a chair using a mouse and keyboard, I wanted to do something more physical. So I had thought about how much I enjoyed playing airsoft with my friends in our backyards so I wanted to see if there are big events ragrding it involving hundreds of people. So my older brother Derek, call sign "Longsword", told me about American Milsim and his experience at Broken Home 3. His story convinced me enough wanting to go to the next year's in which I got the chance to do so! Broken Home 4 2015 was my first major airsoft event ever and it was such an amazing and unique experience. I had the greatest pleasure to be part of the "Druken Rebels" squad and have never seen such teamwork. It was so much fun that I will now be attending to ESR:19 and Broken Home 5! I hope to see you all on the battlefield!
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