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  1. Are the use of Havok 37mm launchers approved for smoke rounds?
  2. Alrighty brother. You could always use the ATF definition for pistol vs rifle. It would just be a grey area when using pistols with 2 points of contact, like a MP5K without a stock.
  3. That is awesome. What about a MP5K without the stock? That's about the only other one I can think of.
  4. What constitutes a gun as a secondary to which you can carry more mags? I understand that pistols, such as HiCapas, Glocks, M&Ps, etc, are recognized as secondaries. However, what about pistols like the KWA MP9 without a stock, for example?
  5. Secondary question, if I'm running my shell shotgun, can I have a buddy rig of 5 M4 mags on my back?
  6. Alrighty boss. And yeah, you could argue it's just a short range rifle that shoots 3 BBs at once. But it doesn't shoot far. Lol.
  7. If I run a a TM870 and AA12 at OP34, are there still very little shotgun restrictions? I was planning on more than 5 mags for my AA12.
  8. Alrighty. I figured but it doesn't hurt to ask. Lol. I'll just have to go in like Boondock Saints then.
  9. Alrighty. I figured but it doesn't hurt to ask. Lol. I'll just have to go in like Boondock Saints then.
  10. I know you can't use a speed loader in the field, but are there exceptions to certain guns? I'M specifically asking about Tokyo Marui revolvers. They have a 24rd cylinder that reloads through the front of each chamber. The BBs have to be manually loaded
  11. Alrighty. I figured it was just something no one's ever asked. I didn't wanna be walking around 3K rounds in shells and be in the wrong. Thanks!
  12. I've scoured the forums and couldn't find a clear answer. I'm wanting to run a HPA TM870 as my primary for Op34 and I haven't found a ruling on an ammo capacity for it. Is it labeled entirely as a sidearm? Meaning I can carry as many shells as I can fit with no ammo restriction? Thanks for the clarification fellas
  13. Just a generic midcap that holds 80rnds. Only one site called them a hicap, and I'm not sure why. It's only 80 ends with no wind up.
  14. Since it's an AEP and an awesome gun, I plan to use it as a secondary while being the SSW. My question is that are the 80 round mags legal for the Klobb? Some websites refer to them as Hicaps, but they're really the only availble mags for it.
  15. Wanting about 5 of the 110Rd Echo1 straight MP5 mags and a telescopic 2 prong MP5 stock for my SOB
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