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  1. I was at ESR19 last year and SSW's were definitely in use.
  2. Jp when doing chrono for the mp9 its measured in .32's right like other gbbr's or does it count as a pistol? (Will be used as sidearm to my spring bolt action at BH6) #COSTorDie
  3. The way I stay in shape is I airsoft almost weekly, I'm also a HARDCORE skateboarder. I've skateboarded almost every day for the past 12 years. I'm also a freeeunner (parkour) so I run up or down something daily. about once a month ill go on hikes in the mountains here in the other side of town wearing either two camelbacks with lots of water in them or just one with a somewhat weighted training vest on to simulate what I usually wear In game (I'm a sniper so I don't really carry much on me anyways) I also used to do the high jump and long jump from 6th-9th grade and almost went to state in 6-7th grade. I mainly skateboard, freerun, and airsoft now a days but its still super tiring. I'm not a fan of lifting weights or running just to run, cause my mind gets distracted or I get bored with those two things.
  4. Welcome to the community! I second what Specs has said
  5. ESR19-IV was my first AMS event. When I had to talk to my grandma about letting me go and giving me money to go my option was either using the $150 to buy new skate shoes or go to this..... I totally chose this event over some shoes and I HAVE ZERO REGRETS!!!!! It was totally worth it anyways I was really sad that I didn't get to use my Tokyo Marui Vsr 10 the entire weekend I had bought a whole new bucking to use that weekend and I didn't event get to zero my rifle cause of the wind. The night evolution game Friday night was AMAZING! best night game ive ever played (and ive played quite a few night games with some friends) they were no where near as awesome compared to this night. We were being so super sneaky sneak that I wish I had my sniper that night but I had to use my friends SPR for the whole weekend, later than night we encountered CDF patrol and had to return fire. Next thing I new there were three CDF guys retreating and my platoon commander (Nels) told my friend and I to chase them......anyways we ran like 8-15 rows of cars ahead of everyone else and lost sight of them. next thing I new we were getting bum rushed from behind right of us. I got one guy then got lit up in my right ear 3 times in the same spot. (I also had a problem with some guys without lights who were dead, I shot them a few times each only to be yelled at with "we're dead stop F****** shooting us".... they had NO dead rags out and NO dead light.) Saturday was my favorite day (lol) I got quite a few kills early in the day my goggles fogged up bad cause there was no wind and I somehow still managed to kill a guy behind a lifted up hood about 175ft away (don't ask how it was luck I swear) then I got so fogged that I had to call out cause I was taking heavy amounts of fire and I had no idea where from. I respawned and followed ATF with my battle budd and platoon commander for a while. we ended up assaulting the cdf camp and while that happened I got the sickest pistol headshot through about 5 cars. that was the best shot of my day. later on I pistol killed two guys that rushed m friends and killed them but failed to notice me cause I was legitimately inside an suv lol. if I could redo that whole weekend I wouldn't change anything about it........except maybe remove the wind factor so I could of used my vsr 10. I cant wait to make it to Copperhead 2. Sunday wasn't as good because of all the rain but I won a G&G Xtreme 45 co2 "blowback" pistol. its actually a fairly good gun for being $90. I was also excited to grab those tracer bbs (I totally didn't dive on the floor for them...ssssssshhhhhhhhh) also those patches are awesome I got so many of the....................... BEST airsoft event of my year! Keep it up AMS!
  6. I also encountered this problem with CDF during the night game. it was kind of annoying to say the least
  7. Also does this release account gor all future events or just pertaining to esr19?
  8. @roughneck385 (im a minor too) it doesnt have anywhere for your parent to sign last time i looked at it so im guessing the temporary guardian signs it. If someone could clear this up for both of us that would be great help.
  9. AWESOME!! I know what I'm buying out there now. ill also be looking for lubes and silicon oils too. thanks! for the info!
  10. It depends on the OP I think. some are only 18+, while ESR19-4 is as follows: 14-15 need a guardian on site in order to be able to play for medical purposes, but you have a temporary guardian form if you're 16-17, meaning if you're riding out there with a friend whos older than 18 they can be your temporary guardian for the duration of the OP. you just have to fill out the form and have it notarized before you go to the OP otherwise they wont let you play. I'm actually 17 and im using the temporary guardian form for ESR19-4. im not sure the other rules for other OPs cause as of rn im only interested in ESR19 for now. I got mine notarized at my school but you can go to UPS or I believe USPS. UPS does it for 5$ a signature. im not sure about USPS if they do it. Hope I could be of any help!
  11. Do you have/ will you have Vsr 10 buckings on site at ESR19 next weekend? if so what brands? thanks
  12. Hello so ESR19-4 will be my first event. I have the temporary guardian form ready and notarized since I am 17 years old. is there another waiver that I need to sign in order to play? I read some stuff about waivers last week but I cant seem to find anything on a waiver for ESR19-4
  13. Hello so ESR19-4 will be my first event. I have the temporary guardian form ready and notarized since I am 17 years old. is there another waiver that I need to sign in order to play? I read some stuff about waivers last week but I cant seem to find anything on a waiver for ESR19-4
  14. I think that was if you want to become a real life medic while on the field in case a real life situation happened, otherwise I think they wont let you help the injured person in any way. (I didn't know how to word it better.)
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