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  1. So I assume no toilets or showers for outdoor camping as well. However can we walk to the showers and toilets?
  2. Any idea when the Radio Comms for ESR 19 will be released? Thanks Crow
  3. Great. Thanks that would be helpful. On Yahoo forum there is a Puxing 888K group but so far I have not heard back anything. Crow
  4. Thanks JP. I downloaded Chirp.....it is very simliar to the software I have. Do you or does anyone else have a file saved for the Frequencies from Broken Home or the the Freq Matrix for ESR 19? A .dat file works for puxings.....or a chirp one. Thanks. Crow
  5. Hello all. I'm having trouble understanding the CTCSS programming in the Puxing 888K radio. I have the freqs for the basic 1-22 Channels programmed but I need to add PL channels. Ch 1 462.5625 Ch 1 Sub 1 462.5625 67.0 Ch 1 Sub 2 462.5625 71.9 Ch 1 Sub 3 462.5625 74.4 How do you enter the Sub channels? I have the software, USB cable driver but don't speak Chinese. Anybody done this? Thanks How about a Model Error when trying to write to the radio....but the radio will read to the computer just fine. HELP! Crow
  6. Crow


    Any other possible "elevated areas for overwatch"? AO seems flat and mostly single story building and shops....... Wondering on RECON planning. Urban cover and elevation being limited...changes this drastically. Crow
  7. Crow


    I understand that 84% of the buildings are unsafe. What are the chances of us being allowed to crawl on roofs or use the second story of buildings? Will any building be in play on the AO? Any night time, church tower, balcony use anticipated? Crow
  8. Indeed.......CTAC took home 5 out of 30 Elite Operator Mags or 17%.. and Shadowpack Core took home 3 of those 5 or 10%............ Congratulations Men! Nice Work! Crow
  9. I'll be brief. Enjoyed it tremendoulusly. Had ADMINs directly in my line of fire...3 times...asked them to move...they did right away.......problem solved in under 3 seconds. CANN police tried to Arrest ABACUS......we set up security.... CANN police officer by the hood of the blazer fired his handgun first as I was shot in the head twice...(I was in the Suburban)....and 2 seconds later Travis launched the Rocket from the Bronco behind me and blew up their squad car. So yes the Cannpolice fired the first shot........into my left temple.....LOL. LeBron James award to Chicken for putting that Nade in the top of the Hummer........priceless! Highlight of the Weekend was guarding the Oilfield while Mako/M7 assaulted and nearly killed us all except 2 guys placed further out on the perimiter who reclaimed the oilfield tent after MAKO/M7 swept in with GREAT SPEED AND coordination. I was bleeding out and got a front row seat. YOU GUYS WERE AWESOME! FANTASTIC CORDINATION! M7 actually grabbed a red tool bag with blinding speed and swept it out past the berm. After telling you guys it was not intel and just personal property you swept it back inside the berm and returned the property...........in like 15 seconds.......Awesome. I was grinning from ear to ear watching that whole assault. Top notch battle from some Top notch players. Plans for next year...... More suspension on the Tactical Vechiles...another Minigun More/ better tactical/RTO Comms. More Gatorade More Contracts. Now to decide on how to spend all that Contractor money we earned......................................HMMMMMM Crow
  10. Lost a TSD M9 CO2 Pistol Black with both sides of the front barrel plastic ground and melted off ( to fit in a holster) . You can see the silver inner barrel metal up on the front now. It looks like a dog chewed it to heck...LOL lost during final battle in Coleville on the South side of TAN . Perhaps in the grass near the covered berms. Thanks Crow
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