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  1. Awesome, well next year I'll be in Jackson at the medical center. I would love to catch a game sometime.
  2. Thanks! It is great to see someone else from Mississippi who plays airsoft! Most of the time I am having to travel to Munford, TN to play. Do you have any places to play near you Tommy?
  3. Thanks for the welcome everyone! I will definitely try to do that Specs! Thank you for the advice! I can't wait to get on the field and have some fun!
  4. Hey everyone, My name is Nick, callsign The Recluse. I'm signing in from Oxford, MS, home of the University of Mississippi Rebels. Currently, I'm enrolled there as a pharmacy student. I have been playing airsoft since the beginning of the year but I've played paintball for about ten years (I'm finally moving up to the better world). I'm registered for ESR19 which will be my first MilSim event and I'm super excited to get to play. The Recluse
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