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  1. Thanks for the reply. All my problems are now solved.
  2. This year I started using a helmet which has resulted in me fogging so horribly. So I was wondering what you guys with helmets do for goggles. I like to use full seal goggles so any suggestions for that are appreciated and any suggestions, in general, are appreciated.
  3. Welcome. Glad to see someone who is the same age as me. Hopefully we will encounter each other on the battlefield.
  4. Ive got a question. When we are playing and we get tired or are hungry are we allowed to go to fob and eat/rest. And for the saturday event since it starts at 1-10 it looks like we will play through supper. Is there like a food break? Thanks
  5. about the night ops. Do we need nightvision to have a good time? or should we be ok if we dont have any. Thanks
  6. i was looking for 4 smokes some greengas. I will also send a email
  7. I was gonna pre-order some stuff but since i live in canada i cant create a proper account. Should i just hope they have stuff in stock at the game.
  8. Thanks for the answer but i forgot to add something. Are we allowed to wear bump helmets or no?
  9. Thanks for the clarification. If we just want to be safe than sorry we can still re-supply at fob?
  10. For the re-supply thing. Does this mean that lets say im rolling with my squad and i dump all my rounds covering them to move. When i want to re-supply does this mean my SL has to call in a re-supply or can i call it in and go on my own.
  11. I agree with you on that statement. I could see 7 mags with ammo being delivered a big problem for new comers like me. But thats my opinion. Im sure we can find some happy medium between the both. I think someone allready said it but pre-placed reloading centers that we fight over etc
  12. With that being said, Maybe since broken home is a bigger event we could go for a higher mag count. Something like a mag count based on players, size of field, amount of SSW and snipers etc. I have faith that AMS will get this figured out before Broken Home
  13. I agree with transition. I would also like to give my personal opinion. I think 7 mags is a low amount, this is my opnion of course. I think 10-15 would be a acceptable amount. or instead of a magazine cap maybe a ammo cap, but idk. There is a lot of tweaking still to be done.
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