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  1. I have a Baofeng UV-5R, already set up. My question is all players are able to use radios, or if that is reserved to only squad leaders and the higher ups. Couldn't see anything pertaining to this in the ruleset.
  2. Are you looking at the Rifleman role or something else?
  3. No-one will probably see this but hell, why not.
  4. Also it seems that I am a complete idiot. I didn't realize that MARPAT was digital. Sorry my bad.
  5. I did, and I didn't see them, but I thought it was a little weird not to see it because it is literally woodland and desert. (On a side note, if there is more then one uniform list I may have looked at an outdated list.)
  6. Just for clarification, are desert digital and woodland digital fair game or no go.
  7. Ah. So your an AK man Specs. I can respect that.
  8. Hey thanks for answering Specs. Which side do you tend to fight with?
  9. Hey guys. Guess I should introduce myself. I'm Timothy, callsign Cobalt. (An old callsign that I once used and now I brought back) I've been involved with airsoft for a little while. Nothing major, just me with some friends making our own battles, drilling tactics etc. Came across Desert Fox Airsoft (Jet) on Youtube and I got super interested. Does come with a few questions though. 1. If I came to an event by myself, would I be joined into a squad? (Sort of stupid question) 2. I'm most interested in being USF, (also most of my kit is tan) but should I consider mixing in some COST? 3. Can I make a squad with those friends I mentioned earlier, and if I could, should we all have different roles with different weapons besides the basic rifleman and the medic? (Support with an LMG, sniper with a sniper rifle etc.) That's all I can think of right now. Hope to see you on the battlefield in the near future.
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