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    AIRSOFT of course:) COST all the way. believe it or not i have never been to a milsim event but will be going to reindeer games down in texas this year. so excited!! see you guys there.
  1. So I know this isn't the proper page but I couldn't find it. I put down my role as a dmr, well my dmr went down , and I ended up getting rid of it. I now have a m4, I run as a medic for my team. How do I change my role?
  2. m4 platform is what i run. i cant upgrade my gun anymore cause i got a kwa. buti put in a tight bore, and that is about all i can do to make it better. if you want to not have to worry a bout upgrading, and get a gun that is all the way or almost all the way upgraded, go with kwa, or krytac. they make top quality guns.
  3. My dad just informed me that a missouri drivers license is god enough to get in. it is considered legit.
  4. So i'm 18. i a, kinda new to this all. will a driver's license work?
  5. Are you interested in sniping? or being a rifleman, or having a big gun for support it depends on what you like. money is always an issue. how much are you willing to spend? I own a kwa rifle, and it works flawless. it is a good rifle, 99.9% of kwa are good rifles. do you want a better still? go polarstar, but you will be paying alot of monty for those. sniper is for you? i have a wells l96 that i'm getting ready to upgrade it is a good sniper. as far as your gear it depends on what role you take. message me if you have an idea. if i am wrong please tell me. i want to learn from mistakes.
  6. so tan pants will be allowed??
  7. when are the tickets up for sale?
  8. ok. i have no experience with airsplat. that is a decent gun. look into airsoftgi/evike. i just bought some stuff from both a few days for my milsim event in texas in december.
  9. well i would recommend getting a good gun. if it requires you to wait to get it then so be it. i think it is worth the wait if you get a better gun. i have a kwa i got for 300. it is AMAZING. KWA is a good brand. they make high quality stuff. i do have a few guns, and stuff. i have a wells l96 for sale. with scope, it would be 200-215.
  10. ok thanks then we will see you guys down in Texas. i will probably be asking more questions since im a newb,
  11. ok how about the one down in texas?? me and a buddy are already making plans to go. will that be a good one? we already started buying the gear, and thank you for the help!!
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