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  1. I was at FG5 & had an AWESOME experience fighting for CoST. We kicked tail & took names by the way! The event allowed for CoST participants to wear A-TACS FG. Is this no longer acceptable? I did not see this pattern on the acceptable patterns. This might be a stupid question & I apologize in advance if it is. I am uber excited about an AMS event in my home state.
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  3. I do apologize in advance if this question has been exhausted, but I was needing clarification for my specific setup. I am running an HPA system with a Firebase regulator. Do I need a tournament lock seeing that the Firebase regulator is advertised as having a built in tournament lock?
  4. So you can have water in the camping area? =) AMS Rick
  5. Just curious, what determines whether or not there will be a Friday night game?
  6. Will there be a Friday night game at Faded Giant 5?
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