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  1. "Unless people are going to start putting uparmored HMMWVs and M113 APCs on the field there's going to have to be concessions made" There have been people who've put armored vehicles on the field for AMS games and the series preceding as well. Here is a prime example: That's a Russian BTR40 Armored scout car, parked next to a GAZ69 and a UAZ469- a wicked little truck that you can stuff people like sardines into. This picture was TAKEN AT DDAP. Or this little guy, a British Ferret Armored Car. A two man crew but it mounts an airsoft M240 in the turret- it is a zippy little thing that is ideal for use at a broken home type event. This picture is also at DDAY. Both of these guys play airsoft. They've both had these vehicles at events at DDAY, including MSE/AMS events. They've both stopped because they do not have any advantage over a pickup truck or uhaul. These vehicles are cramped, hot, difficult to see out of because they are armored. And the rules currently offer them no incentive to drag these or any of the other vehicles they own out to a game. What I would like to see rule wise is a change from "transport" and "gun truck" to armored vs. not armored. Look at each of the vehicles posted in this thread- is there a single one that would not clearly fit into either category? That eliminates a lot of headache for admins because so-and-so shot out of a truck that looked like a transport but was a gun truck (here is an entire thread on how convoluted the current ruleset is once you're in the fight) and all the rules-lawyering that goes with it. And the rules regarding it can be deceptively simple too-rockets kill both, small arms doesn't kill armored vehicles. Because it always gets brought up don't be a dumbass and try to grenade a truck. Boom. Another idea put out earlier that got glossed over and that I think is a marvelous idea is to make POVs strictly company assets- Green commander needs troops at this place asap he can assign two vehicles from the motor pool to transport, and maybe an armored one for convoy protection. If you really want to do it right you have dismounts clear the road up to the drop point, but that is a discussion for another time. That is a lot more milsim than a single squad screaming all over the battlefield in their Jeep wrangler, or whatever it is supposed to stand in as.
  2. See "E." Above. A 4-man element is a fireteam, not a squad. Everybody within the squad (your four guys and the guys you get paired up with to come up to full complement) needs to be wearing one or the other. The terrain in the AO is rough on uniforms. I've done nearly a dozen events at DDAP and go down there often to help admin their big Paintball game, drive trucks for them or drive the trails in the Eastwind off-season. You'd be well suited out there in surplus M81 woodland camo- dense summer vegetation means you'll be easily hidden in any pattern if you want to be, If you rip it you're not out much money and project honor's high tan/green ratio could earn you some friendly fire engagements.
  3. Best way to find something on the forum is to type--"THING YOU WANT TO FIND" site:americanmilsim.com-- into the google search bar. They cache nearly every page on here.
  4. More importantly than being the "head on the chopping block" remember that a squad leader is foremost tasked with the welfare of their troops. I feel that there is an important distinction there. One of your guys getting dehydrated out there is a failure on your shoulders as squad leader to be sure, but it is different from just being blamed for something happening. I've had a lot of fun as a squad leader at various games, including once at Broken Home. But you have to really think about whether it is a challenge you want to tackle and a responsibility you want to take on.
  5. As a firefighter I deal with many people daily, most of them under the most stress they've ever experienced. I've found that the sort of person who might argue a nerf rocket hit is likely not very reasonable at that moment and typically doesn't go "Aww, damn, my bad" once faced with evidence. With the stress on and the adrenaline pumping people just. Can't. Be. wrong. I think the point Aswayze was trying to make is that POV operators should be held to a standard at an event like this, partially due to how high profile they are (everybody sees and notices them drive by) but mostly because they are driving a potentially deadly truck really close to other people. If a POV operator is petty or asinine or just plain stressed enough by airsoft to get into an argument about whether their vehicle is hit then they should not be operating a POV at any event, let alone one with as much going on as AMS events typically do. I recall it being in the AMS rules that if you are told you got hit YOU TAKE THE HIT, regardless of whether you think you got hit or if it was fair or whatever. There is zero room for argument in the rule set. Failure to do so is an admin issue and should result in you getting booted from the event, especially if you are in a giant easy-to-locate-and-identify vehicle as opposed to one more airsofter who could blend into the crowd. I feel that adding a hit marking system is going to cause more issues with non-marking nerf or 203 rounds. After all, it didn't leave a mark, so how do I know I got hit? Either deal with that or ban non marking projectiles. It's the same fight in paintball with the guys that don't call it if it doesn't break. If your rules are set on marking as the standard, then anything less won't get counted. In the end you build your rule set to the guys you WANT to see attend, and you deal immediately with those that won't conform. So without the intentional hit shrugging guys, that leaves the legitimately-didn't-see-it crowd. I don't know how much credence I give this excuse as very rarely is it a vehicle with just a driver cruising around, and if there are more people then their eyes are out 360 degrees so they don't get toasted on the way to the fight. One of them will see the hit, and if honest will tell the driver. Either way running down an admin to have him look at a chalk mark on that truck is no faster or more efficient than running down an admin to tell him you killed that truck and he didn't stop.
  6. I know we (the cops) had a 5 gallon jerry can of water that we offered to anyone that we came across who wasn't on the road from Caen to Pegasus to Coleville (which is where we always saw the deuce). We got quite a few takers so I like to think it helped. We drove all over that AO, patrolling areas even if we didn't think anyone was out there (we rolled up onto the MOD prepping for something that way, and some other various groups in the act of deviousness).
  7. If you'd read the search warrant or our car you'd know we were Oklahoma Territorial Police. My officer by the hood of my explorer (a combat engineer in the Army) said he though that he and your gunner on top of the suburban fired at the same time. All my other officers were in the dark about why you just killed five police officcers. Whoever initiated it I had just opened my mouth to tell my guys to put their guns away. We went into this game intentionally outnumbered and outgunned, and we knew we'd find ourselves in a situation like that eventually. We were prepared to deal with it in a way that left us alive.
  8. Eastwind this past March. Night firefight, very violent and very quick. I get hosed by one of my own guys so I "die" in place as per the rules of that game. Pea grenade was thrown and landed between my legs, maybe 6 inches from my crotch. Before I can react It went off. It wasn't too bad as far as pain goes, however the light and noise adds a lot, especially to night games. I have personally seen maybe 4 dozen of the things used at DDAP without a single fire started. I'm certain that they can be safely worked into this game too, despite the size.
  9. Doc, you should have said something and we'd have given them a speeding ticket (we had them handy just in case) As it stands I rarely saw the humvee while it was moving.
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  11. I know exactly when that was. You can see our truck parked in front of the church (which CoST forces told us to use as an interim police station.
  12. Varusteleka.fi They are one of the retailers I get my German stuff through (I am a German Jager at Eastwind) and it came free with an order I made. They carry it on their site.
  13. INCIDENT REPORT 29 MAY 2012 > > > > > > > REPORT NUMBER 287947-5485-J13 From: Supervisory Police Officer Cody Smith, Oklahoma Territorial Police To: District 13 Command, Oklahoma Territorial Police Officers involved: Supervisory Officer Smith Officer Staggenborg Officer Edwards Officer Brackemyer Officer Reed This is the incident report covering the fighting that broke out near the border from 26-27 May 2012. As my notebook was lost in the field I cannot give specific information on individuals, however we do have biometrics and general statistics on all detainees during this period. 25 May 2012- Scheduled departure 0900, actual departure 1100 due to one officer's vehicular troubles. Vehicle has since been repaired. Arrived on site at "D-Day Adventure Park" at 1500 25 May, pulled off before campsite to change into uniform and apply decals to vehicle. This allowed us to immediately set up a working relationship as police officers with the local populace. Set up camp with Swayze, District 13th Judiciary. Did a foot patrol that night to associate with the locals and ensure that we were familiar with the territory before we officially began duties. Initial reactions by locals ranged from indifference to catcalling and outright hostility to law enforcement. MAY 26 2012 Set up a Police Station with cells in the town of Caen. The entire town was in poor condition, ours was the only building with all four walls standing. Established an entrance and began preparing for the elections to give the new government some legitimacy. Established Officer Reed as Receptionist for Caen Station. Deployed DUI checkpoint on the crossroads to Caen, but was driven from it by UFS forces firing upon us. A helicopter strafed us and the civilians but no casualties were inflicted. We fell back to the other side of the town and, as the fighting intensified, coordinated the evacuation of civilians from the area. Myself and Officer Brackemyer returned to Caen in the vehicle to find it occupied by UFS Marines and Contractors. We were interrogated by a UFS Marine who Identified himself as "Jazzman" and was disbelieving of our intentions. Police Station deserted, no sign or word of our 3 officers. Managed to get several idle UFS Marines to vote in the CoST elections. At Pegasus Bridge we linked up with our remaining officers and Returned to Caen to deposit an M60E1 into our Evidence Locker. Chain of Evidence was observed during this process and the weapon was successfully processed. Leaving Officer Reed at the Station we went to set up a Police Station in Caen. The CoST forces there were dismissive of us and told us to set up in the Church, as opposed to one of several vacant buildings in the Town. Made first arrest, a civilian who was disorderly. He was processed and let out on bail. During this period the UFS began to work with us, sending 5 detainees to Officer Reed in Caen. Sometime during this period Officer Reed accepted one or more bribes. This later came to light. We performed a vehicular patrol of the area. It is of note that I saw three groups using their vehicles in a particularly effective manner: Us, The Contractors attached to the UFS and the MOD unit. All three groups used their vehicles to remain light and mobile on the battlefield. Upon completion of the patrol we returned to the Coleville Police Station to find the top floor occupied by civilians and the bottom CoST troops. While talking to the civilians in the top floor a grenade came through the window and killed Officer Reed. The building was then strafed by a Humvee. We pursued but lost them. At this point offiers Edwards and Brackemyer went off Duty, as per our sustainment plan. They changed and played as civilians. It is apparent that Officer Brackemyer (now off duty) attempted to arrest the humvee Driver and Gunner but killed them all instead. I recieved word that CoST forces had detained Officer Reed (Brother of and Replacement for the late Officer Reed) after killing the CoST commander. Unsure of what the circumstances were we took Reed into custody for corruption (as we had now learned of his previous bribes) and we felt this may have been a part of that. As we returned Officer Reed to the Coleville Station CoST Forces were hostile to us. They were particulalry jumpy as we in-processed Reed and booked him. (He is now in Prison). His Replacement, Officer Reed (No Relation) arrived and we picked up our two off duty officers. Officer Brackemyer had apparently killed several CoST soldiers during his time off, and we feared this may be seen as an act of hostility towards them. An uneasy cease fire was declared. As fighting resumed that night, Officers Reed, Myself and Staggenborg were off duty and elected to Rest. It was uneventful for officers Edwards and Brackemyer, who were in plainclothes. MAY 27 First order of the day was to clean the vehicle. It had become so dusty that the markings were illegible. We then went on to a morning vehicular patrol starting in Caen. We were given the order to execute a search warrant for "Abacus" (name withheld for security) by Judge Swayze and attempted to execute the warrant. One of our officers was not quite discreet enough as a standoff ensued. It is unclear who fired the first shot but all officers were killed with the exception of officer Reed. the vehicle was undamaged. With a new squad of Officers we set about our business, launching a complaint with the admin for the proximity of the fire (really close) and the Tan commander for the actions of his contractors (he deflected). We let it "slip" that they'd have to hide Abacus from us as the warrant was apprehend on site. We never saw him until the end of hostilities (when we were able to bring him before the "Hanging Judge", Swayze). We apprehended several tan soldiers for war crimes and brought them to the Coleville Police Station, where we were held at gunpoint and the tan soldiers executed. A MOD member (Tusk) finally broke it up by coming up and shaking our hands, calling us patriots. Everyone on my team received an American Milsim "star" Patch besides me. We launched a complaint to the CoST commander, who declared that an investigation would be launched later. A lasting cease-fire was then declared. Statistics: 4 tickets issued for littering 1 Search warrant served. arrests made to 14 individuals 1 guy was arrested 5 times. 3 weapons impounded seperately > > > > End Report Our goal here was to not be corrupt, back-stabbing guys but an actual police force doing what it had to in an active conflict. As we had no direction from the Admins (we were nominally no different than ordinary civilians) we carved ourselves a niche in the game, holding elections, making arrests and trying to stabilize the area. We did not have our siren the majority of the game as it was lent out to this or that admin to help them with their duties. we did help the admins a few times, such as searching for a missing kid, etc. but most of the time we were in play. I pulled my side arm twice in the event of the game, never once fired it. I had 28 round on me through the entire game. We wanted it that way. There are plenty of opportunities to run around shooting at everything, and you can have a lot of fun doing it too. But this is one of the few places where you can play a role in an event this massive and have fun despite not killing a single person. PS For those who were wondering, Robert Cook beat me in the polls by 2 votes.
  14. Lost: Pleather Notebook, Gorrilla Tape strip on the front, Tickets and a playing card tucked inside. Not too worried about the notebook itself (freebie from the ANG Recruiter) but all the arrest information and other statistics that I logged as Police Commander is in it.
  15. We won't be leaving Topeka until 3pm or so friday, and we'll need to get our driver in on the PoV brifing. Event schedule lists it as TBD still, so what time is it planned for?
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  19. So....uhh, what's with the Johnny Cash in the background?
  20. How do us civilians fit into the respawn?
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  22. I am fairly certain that those are lighter than most weapons...
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  24. All the major retailers carry them. Remember to grab the Version 2 on that is weird to the front/rear depending on where your battery goes.
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