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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.


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  1. every one has a radio but you are broken down to who you can get a hold of. your basic grunt can only comunicate with his squad of guys to help caal stuff out and find each other and realy info to his SL. the SL can talk to his Squad and his PL and the PL can TALK TO HIs SLs and the rest of the uper comand staff. if im mistaken let me know, At lest that was how it was for me at esr 4 in Alpha Co
  2. Well this was my first Ams event so i dont have mutch to go off, but i will say this this was the best time i have had in my airsoft career. from haveing to completly disasembel my m4s gear box a hour and a half before start on friday, haveing my own penske truck story, to trying to stay awake on car seats at 3 in the morning to trying to not get struck by lighting and sweped away by rain it was fantastic. Friday was great , although it could have started a hour earlier and ended a hour later it was fun. I had two moments that made my event that night. first was having to retreat from the penske truck undetected with cdf like 10 feet from us. the second was being one of the like 10 guys that stayed all night that night. Saturday started of great being actually able to see what was going on helped a lot. the start was slightly ruff but after a hour the game smoothed out and became every thing I ever dreamed. again two thing that will stick with me are walking though knee deep water in the creek past cdf and again being one of the last guys during the rain storm and having to be the runner between the TOC and PB as coms stopped working so that wraps up my AAR I just want to thank you all for the good times and I cant wait to play again at Rebel Yell
  3. found a pts emp gbbr mag was found in my pack when it was brought back from the ufs toc
  4. i saw this some where before I think you have to try and contact one of the ams guys
  5. get a baofang bf f8 for your radio its 35 doll hairs. also get the baofang hand mic and extended battery
  6. also will you happen to have a modify flathop bucking and nub combo that I could buy from you
  7. do we know what vendors will be at the event
  8. so I was looking to get 4 smokes but it says I have to pay a 24buck hasmat charge even if I do pick up at esr do I have to pay 50 bucks for 4 smokes as you guys area 2 dollars cheaper then my local store
  9. Just eat a lot of carrots and you will be fine
  10. have you not seen man vs wild, salt water enima for when you have heat stroke
  11. my milsim kit proper feild set rasputin cpc replica mitch 2001 with rails peltor sport tacs asortment of condor flyye voodoo and eagle pouches custom block 2 style m4 elite force 1911 in safariland 6004
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