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  3. Ive used Bolle, ESS profiles, ESS Turbo fans, Wiley X, Oakley Gas Cans, ESS Crossbows, ESS Suppressors, Random ESS Sunglasses (forget the model), and a few others. Goggles......I definitely recommend ESS Profile Turbo Fans. Shooting Glasses.........I recommend ESS Crossbows (if not wearing ear pro) OR ESS Suppressors (If you have ear pro/headset on)
  4. I think thats a benefit from "Mil-Sim" is that everyone tweaks their gear constantly. My rigs change slightly every time I go out, just all depends on the situation at hand. Sometimes a certain setup will work flawlessly, others.....not so much. That is part of the enjoyment I get from the sport...being able to research gear, buy it, try it, sell it, and start over again. As for how I pick the things I use.....mainly a little research and some trial & error. It gets expensive, but what hobby doesn't when your that far in?
  5. It was the Falcon Security video.....We did not have any video from Costa, 2 reasons...........1) We just were focused on the training and information being given, 2) Costa asked that NO VIDEO be posted due to OPSEC for some people, and for the fact if his class was on YouTube for free he wouldn't make money, lol. Sorry We are still waiting on all the pics.......photographer was actually participating in the class and really only took pics the 3rd day (in between volleys), he has only posted 16 freaking pictures......not sure if he is going to post the rest or not. Some good ones of Phil and Allan, but I was in the group with the photographer so nobody took pics during our volleys......oh well. The knowledge and skills I took from that class FAR outweighed me wanting to be in any baddass pics.
  6. Well....LONG STORY...........im a fireman
  7. It drives me nuts to.......you should see a PM I sent one of them awhile back. There was a video posted by one of them that was CLEARLY ripped off youtube and reposted as what seemed to be "his"video. I privately spoke with him explaining my feelings in a professional manner. The response I got was expected however he did go back and clarify on the video it was not him or his video. Like I said, different breed. Keep doing what your doing man! BTW, I need a "MAKOtv" patch
  8. We are working on this issue right now as well. Our COMMS/ Electronic expert proves it to be cheap made products. Buying good quality (which does mean expensive) equipment has proven to work. We have broken down at least a half dozen or more diff PTTs and checked wiring, soldering, connections, etc.......nothing has been found to be "fixable". Even some people with electrical degrees/high level electronic experience/ years spent in military working on this stuff has been unable to solve the problems. Most quality PTTs are running anywhere from $50-100+ (JUST THE PTT).
  9. Careful "Priming" these by smashing the top before you toss..........they will blow in your hand if not careful. There is a large enough blast to tear through gloves which tells me if it happens with a closed fist, there is a chance of possible broken fingers. That is for the original thunder b's, I have no experience with the newer models out.
  10. They do not do a lot of MILSIM. They even have in some of their player bio's that they do not enjoy MILSIM at all. These guys are in with the ACA program out in Cali, which has grown to ATL now this year. Killroy, we are like you....WTH are we doing wrong? But then we think about this......west coast airsoft is almost a total diff breed of player/game AND the community is obviously HUGE, so there numbers are higher by default.
  11. Ive been waiting since like Sept/October last year for my freaking Ops Core. I understand the initial "Back order" but seriously after 7 months and still no helmet, now this Boston crap....Ive had to drop back and punt, time to buy cheap chinese product so that I will have something for Ops. Fortunately Ive had my hands on the knock-off and its really not to bad a product, other than the fact its replica. I have a slight issue with how Ops-Core has either represented themselves (or has had someone say something) but when the initial Boston article came out, they said soldiers lives were at risk due to this shut-down. Now I may get some harsh feedback here but lets keep it professional............If that were the case, could they not have upped production or added to the business. There are plenty of helmets I see the military using, so to use them as an excuse not to shut you down is a little low isn't it? Anyhow, if they ever get back to production and can get products out in a timely manner I will eventually buy one I'm sure.
  12. Thanks guys! Our logistical planning and physical training is well underway. We are excited as to what AMS has up there sleeves to bring another level to the game! Looking forward to meeting everyone as well
  13. Fireman-M7

    Real Steel

    Double Star 15 Glock 19 Romanian AK-74
  14. Im typically not a big forum poster, I just lurk lol. Ill try to be a little more active this time Let me know if you need anything.
  15. My answer may be long and drawn out but here it goes...... Skirmishes are easy for me...usually no uniform requirements here so I run the most lightweight clothing I can get, all the way down to wicking socks and underwear. I normally run Arcteryx, Patagonia, or REI for this. Its costly yes, but its absolutely worth it. Next is footwear, I typically run trail shoes for the light weight and durability. On from there Ill throw on just a battle belt with bare essentials.....2 pistol mags, 2 rifle mags, IFAK, and a pistol. Add a sling/w shorty rifle, eye pro, and a ball cap. I typically won't run a hydration for skirmishes because time allows for water breaks. OPs are a different breed of environment....typically have a "uniform standard", which means heavier clothing. Main point to remember here is to wear a really good summer wicking material base layer to help pull sweat off your skin. Footwear may need an upgrade due to terrain and or situations you find yourself in. A quality boot that "breathes" is a must. Next is your actual rig because your going to need more mags, hydration, etc. Ill still run a battle belt the same as above, however now ill add a lightweight PC with minimal gear again. Maybe a few more rifle mags on the rig and throw in a radio. Typically I run hydration straight to my backside. This year Im keeping my rig a slick back and will be running a pack (5.11 Rush24) separately to hold my hydration and any odd extras I may need. This pack will allow me to quickly drop it if the need arises either in an intense engagement or medical issues. My opinion on things to stay away from in "warmer" months.........full face mask, instead get a balaclava, soak it in cool water, wrap it properly (don't forget your eye pro). Helmets, instead use light weight ball caps/patrol caps. EXCESSIVE GEAR....you shouldn't need 20 mags, 4 radios, 50 40mm shells, blah blah blah. My setup for Memorial Day weekend (just rig stuff, I'm not putting down uniform,eye pro, weapons, etc) : TAG Banshee 3 HSGI Tacos 1 Radio 1 Adventure Light HSGI Suregrip Batte Belt 2 HSGI Double Decker Tacos 1 ATS Gear Medkit/TQ Custom Kydex Pistol Holster 5.11 Rush24 Bag Hydration Bladder Ammo/ Speed Loader Extra Batteries (rifle, gps, radio, etc) High Protein Foods (Jerky, Protein Bars, Peanut M&Ms, etc) Any other MISC gear that I may need
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