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  1. I'm not taking my CQB kit. And I'm referring to Rainbow Six Siege. Forgot what forum I'm on. And the difference in the packs in the size. I am using a Bass Pro 4 Day Survival Pack. I literally wore I'm trading my armor setup for a harness setup. Two opposite ends of the spectrum.
  2. Sorry didn't explain well did I... Forgot which forum I was on... Basically what they seem to be suggesting (whether intentionally or not) is the basic process of: -De-Burr the mag. That is open it up and remove anything that could possibly catch the follower. -Load and unload the mag a few times while lubricating it. -Redo the de-burring steps and clean the entire mag removing the oil after the mag has had time to set for a little bit of time. Such as an hour. Now this process is meant more for cheap lower quality controlled metal magazines. Most higher end magazines will not require it and for (Most) Poly magazines you don't need to use the lubricant. These you do given they are, admittedly high quality, plastic and not polymer.
  3. I have heard of Magic Box but that is the only one I know of that seems large. Main reason why I liked ABE was it was fairly local being just over in Joplin and he made the parts as a hobby and to order for the customer. Edit: Anyone ever seen or use Fox Custom Parts? My shopping experiences with them have been pretty amazing.
  4. I have checked many of the online retailers but most seem to have multiple brands that only supply one or two good rated parts. I was hoping to find one or two brands that have nearly all the supplies I could need at good ratings. Consistency and all that. And most of what I can find on Evike and Airsoft GI seem to be for V2 Gearboxes... Most of what I need is for V3 or Real Sword Custom SVD parts.
  5. Hopefully this is the right area. Okay the brand I normally used for my gearbox upgrades, AirBang Electrical, went out of business. Anyone got any good recommendations for other brands. Preferably one brand that offers pretty much any part one could need?
  6. For Future Reference: What they are referring to is the recommendation of using some spare BBs and just running them through the mags. Lube it while you are breaking it in and let the oil soak in before ever using it in your gun. Basically you load the BBs and then just release them outside of your gun. Kinda like emptying un-used BBs from mags after a game. A similar process is recommended for some real steel magazines. It works out the stiffness of the springs. I know someone who has a bunch of dummy rounds just for that purpose. Something like 120 rounds of each caliber to break in many at once. Maybe just buy a small amount of cheap seamless BBs and a cheap speed loader and use them as your break-in allotment. Though avoid bios for that...
  7. Well the Semi-Auto thing might be an issue... Cause I know some brands actually do have select-fire. And if my eyes are working right, for once, I think they have the full select fire option.
  8. The only issue I see is what if you use the M4 as a base but modify it to be more or less a M16. After all the M4 is just the Carbine version of the M16. This is even more complicated as the U.S. Military's current DMR is a modified M16 with a different designation. I believe it is something along the lines of the M16Ax SDM-R. All are AR-15 based rifles with the only differences being their usage, barrel length, and tuning. For the stocks: Many mechanized and airborne squads are using collapsing or folding stocks for space reasons. The Navy, IIRC, was looking at an M4 based SDM-R at one point. Don't think it went too far... Also most SR-25 are equipped with SOPMOD style Collapsible or Folding Stocks. Take an M4, swap the barrel or even just the RIS/RAS and add a Suppressor, switch the selector plate, and give it a good internal tuning and viola custom U.S. Army SDM-R. Especially given how hard it is to find good M16 based airsoft guns. TL;DR: Using a Designation or accessory to determine a weapon being a DMR is kind of a bad idea given how many weapons platforms carry multiple designations. Especially on common platforms. After all an M4 and a C8 are the same weapon but a C8 has a DMR variant on the records. And heck the C8 even has a SAW variant in use.
  9. I think they are saying it is 16 inches and asking if it could be used as a DMR. Which if they are strict on the no 'M4" DMR rules then probably not as 16 inches is the standard M4 Barrel. Though if the inner barrel runs to the end of the Suppressor, and the total length is longer than 16 inches, I personally think they could allow it to count as an integrally suppressed weapon.
  10. Oh I know that type of summer weather well. Hence why my planned kit looks like a mix of Glaz, Ash, and the GSG9 guys from R6:S. Really light and fast. Mainly I am trading the weight of a full upper body and thigh rig with Metal mags for a belt and harness setup with poly mags. I also won't be needing to lug around the 'breaching' frames and the Riot Shield either. If only I could find a GSH-18 preferably that can take CO2 and Green Gas Magazines.
  11. Yes but I see it as a challenge to lug around the extra 25 pounds of gear plus I know my luck. When I get the chance to reload my pack won't be at the correct location. Also I know the group I am planning to go with so am making sure to bring extra supplies. Though now that I think about it... It might be my survivalist and hunter sides overplanning horribly. Though I still probably will lug around the mags since I like to get back into action fast. That and my SMG mags are only low/standard caps of 50 rounds each. Hmm... Wait when is Broken Home?
  12. True but after switching out my gear from my Black Out CQB Kit to a OD/Caiman mix I am actually gonna be running around 7 Pounds lighter. That is after my 4 day survival pack, Spare BBs, and Gas are accounted for. I should clarify that I usually run gear that is like a mix of Rook, Montagne, and Tachanka. Heavy but able to soak up hits as my regular field has a HP system.
  13. Yeah I think I will do that in the future. What all companies have representatives here?
  14. Most are high grade polymer and are fairly light.1 Pistol Mag weighs as much as 2 of the AK mags when they are unloaded. Space wise the SMG mags are actually fairly small in that I can fit 6 of them in a single one of the AK Pouches I like. Then the AK mags fit in the others of the set. And the pistol mags are used to balance out the weight of the Pistol. Also should point out that is total... Including what is in the Weapon. Dual Mags for life.
  15. If it makes you feel better I'm looking at rocking 10 SMG mags that are locked together into dual mag setups, 4-6 AK mags, and then 3+ pistol mags.
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