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  1. Russians. Straight up Russians. It's an idea that I came up with while learning more about the Civil War. Since I noticed that this here is a civil war of sorts, I thought that maybe Russians could be integrated into certain events, kinda like CDF. In the Civil War the Russians offered support to the Union, So the Russians could be a help to UFS. They would be restricted to Russian based kit and Russian based weaponry, and there would only be 50-100 slots. It's just an idea I had for the people who want to fight as Russia.
  2. Gosh Darn it I'll just move to Russia...
  3. If I can manage to go, I feel CDF sounds like a rather excellent idea.
  4. All I will put in is USE DA M14 Evil Black Rifle The Shorty a normal sized one I really don't care M14 all the way
  5. epicnik

    M14 Loadout

    So I'm Slowly (but surely) Building a load out for my M14. I was thinking of doing a Condor battle belt with their H-Harness, but now I'm drifting to use a plate carrier due to the fact that it enables me to carry more on my chest which makes reloading easier (in my opinion at least). I really wont be going prone very often, Because I'm going to be using an EBR, So I can use my chest for gear. I want to use the HSGI tacos, but I'm not really sure if I could run 3 on my chest because of how wide the M14 magazine is. If anyone has suggestions that would be very helpful.
  6. I am called the Taquito due to the fact that I managed to eat a rather large platter of taquito's at a campout. This is both my call sign and my gamer tag. Taquito's are delicious and yeah, I kinda like it.
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