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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.


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  1. I was looking in the store for the black card but it says nothing is available. Is this a glitch, are there no more being provided/produced, temporarily gone? Any info helps, Thanks.
  2. There are campsites near the AO for everybody to stay at. When the day ends, the only people who will stay, to my understanding, are the direct action mission people. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong, I've never done DAM) Unless anything has changed in the past year, I believe there is no camping on the actual AO.
  3. Welcome! You'll find this is an absolutely amazing community. All your questions and wonders can be answered here! Just make sure you check out the forum rules and what not, get acquainted with them and think before you post. Most new people (including myself) ask a lot of questions that can be found in the rules. You can also find rulesets for American Milsim Events, I'd recommend checking those out too. But again, welcome!
  4. How much are the grenades? Unfortunately I will be unable to attend, but I am curious.
  5. What brand are they? What weapon system are they for? How used are they? Are they new? Have any pictures?
  6. Unfortunately, not interested myself. Just figured I'd add in for those searching that I've heard VERY, VERY good things about this brand, and this carrier specifically.
  7. I'm comfy with the drop leg but it really arose an issue while going prone, having to lean on one side or something, so looking at changing. Thanks for the input! I'm probably gonna keep the sidearm because I have bad luck with weapon malfunctions haha
  8. Hey guys, I was just wondering what preference you guys had on where to carry your sidearm. I've always used a drop leg holster as that's what I used in basic, AiT, and on duty. Its comfortable for me, nothing really blocks me from grabbing it, its isn't really in the way or anything. However, I've had people that say having it center mass on your vest is super efficient. I haven't tried it yet, but I feel like it would be inconvenient as depending on the carrier size, it could possibly replace mag pouches. Also, when you drop your primary to transition, it would most likely drop right over your sidearm, but I guess that would be fixed with time and experience. Anyway, what are some of your guys' pros and cons?
  9. I think I'm going to make a new profile and just use my old tech school callsign until a better one arises.
  10. Hey guys! Figured I'd give an update as I've been gone for about 11 months. Since my last visit on here, I've become certified Federal law enforcement, got a new gal (last gf was very, ehm, "active" while I was gone), got a Bearded Dragon, and was supposed to be deployed to Afghanistan but got mono, so was bed ridden for about 4 months. Still having issues but anyway. Got a few jobs since then, finally landed a job as a pet care specialist at a new Petsmart. I also became a squad grenadier and got to spend a week with the Big Red One blowing stuff up. Other big news, with my current training, within a month I could be both Airborne and/or Air Assault certified, so strongly considering these. I'm actually not sure if I could do both, its just more quals for me as Security Forces, USAF, not actually with those units.) I don't know how soon I'll be able to attend some events, but plan to do so asap. Working towards getting an M203 for my M4 so I can be a bb grenadier as well haha. I'm great on camo, as I was issued a ton of Multicammies Which brings me to some unfortunate news. I was planning to get some woodland style cammies but never got to it, and since I got some multicammies, I'll be joining UFS as opposed to CoST. Anyway, glad to be back guys!
  11. This sounds stupid, but the first few AKs I shot, had the same issues. I wasn't getting the magazine in correctly. Just work on putting the front in first, then working to the back (May be a bit easier too)
  12. I don't think we should allow high caps, personally. But if someone wants to run a shotgun, I think thats their choice. May not be a good one but hey, their money.
  13. I don't believe there is any such restriction
  14. Just curious, its no big deal at all. Didn't hurt to ask. Probs will buy the Black Card within my next few paychecks.
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