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  1. The Izzy is fairly similar to the FALO, the primary differences being a different flash hider, a wooden stock, and a different, albeit similar, handguard design. The wood used for the stock and handguard is significantly lighter, and the handguard also has a heat shield that extends to the gas block. The real Izzy also has a flip-up support on the buttpad, similar to the M249 and other SAWs, but that proved difficult to replicate, as surplus Israeli buttplates are pretty rare and expensive
  2. I appreciate the concise and reasoned response. I will respect that decision, and I will use one of my other FAL variants that fills a more standard role. As a final note, if you look up the thread a ways, I did attatch a picture of the gun in question. The benefit of the Izzy over the FALO is that it is far more visually distinct, with a permanent bipod, unique flash hider (among FALs) and a very unique handguard. The barrel is 21" long, with a inch and a half flash hider on top of that, so carrying it around is no joke. I do not personally feel that identifying it from distance would be an issue. As the closest visual counterpart is the aforementioned RPK. But, as I said, I will respect the decision, and will stick to rifleman or DMR role
  3. Actually, I am not at all opposed to rational discussion. To that end, could we talk about the differences and similarities between the RPK and HB FAL and their application, and why one would be allowed while the other would not? - The RPK functions identically to the AK47, however with a more rigid receiver, and heavier longer barrel to improve accuracy and reduce damage from overheating during extended fire. The barrel is not quick-change, and so necessitates controlled fire to prevent scrapping the weapon. It is employed as a force multiplier and SSW in small squads, where a belt-fed weapon would be unnecessary or impractical. Due to its identical function with the standard-issue AK47, it can be deployed with a minimum of extra training, making it more practical for larger forces with reduced training capacity or time. - The Israeli Heavy Barrel FAL functions identically to the common Metric-pattern FAL, and shares many components, allowing for improved serviceability with a minimum of extra training. It has a extended heavier barrel for improved accuracy and heat absorption, as well as a reinforced, Type 2 receiver to take the strain of extended automatic fire. Unfortunately, there is not much data available for the Israeli versions deployment, however, its counterparts (British FALO/Canadian C2A1/Australian L2A1) have more information available. the wikipedia page for these variants reads; - Also known as FALO as an abbreviation from the French Fusil Automatique Lourd;Heavy barrel for sustained fire with 30-round magazine as a squad automatic weapon;Known in Canada as the C2A1, it was their primary squad automatic weapon until it was phased out during the 1980s in favor of the C9, which has better accuracy and higher ammunition capacity than the C2;Known to the Australian Army as the L2A1, it was replaced by the FN Minimi. The L2A1 or 'heavy barrel' FAL was used by several Commonwealth nations and was found to frequently experience a failure to feed after firing two rounds from a full magazine when in automatic mode.- These variants were all purpose-built as SSWs, with only slight variations between them. For airsoft purposes, these differences are of course only cosmetic, so switching from one to another is merely a matter of swapping handguards and buttstock. These were of course not as widley employed as the RPK, but their purpose remains the same, and as i can guarantee that it will likely be the only one on the field, it will do nothing to break immersion. I can see no logical reason for AMS staff to disallow this weapon, but if you have a reasonable argument not rooted in unobjective opinion, i would like to hear it.
  4. And Dave, while it is not being currently issued, it does see sporadic use among poorer nations in the middle East and South America, where they are still using old surplus
  5. The Heavy Barrel variant in Israel and the FALO in Britain were modified FALs used as light support weapons in a squad setting (SSW). I have never taken this weapon to an AMS event and as it is a one of a kind custom there is no precedent for it to be in their current ruleset. On the airsoft field it is functionally identical to an RPK, and there is real-world precedent for it being used as an SSW as that is what this variant was specifically built for. Is there any reason, those facts being considered, that this weapon would be disallowed as an SSW at an AMS event? I would like a clear answer from a confirmed staff member, if at all possible
  6. Forgive me, but I don't seem to follow your train of thought. It would seem that you don't approve of the real-world decision to implement the modified FAL as a 7.62x51 SSW. Nevertheless that is what happened. That aside, I am curious as to why you think the heavy barrel FAL was not an acceptable SSW, when compared to the RPK? I have fired the 7.62x39 full-auto, albeit out of a standard AK, and I have fired a full-auto FAL as well. Granted the recoil management of the FAL is more suited to prone firing, but I fail to see how that would disallow it as an SSW. With the integrated bipod and extended, heavier barrel, the recoil is not unusable, and is certainly far and away better than other comparable rifles, such as the BAR. The best comparison I can think of in terms of usability would be the BREN and it's variants.
  7. How would the RPK be considered an LMG while this isn't? In real-world applications the Israeli HB was used in exactly the same role. As a lightweight fully-automatic suppression weapon, modeled off of an existing rifle for convenience, but reinforced and altered to withstand prolonged fire
  8. I have an Izzy HB FAL that i would like to run, and I am wondering whether it would be acceptable as an LMG. The real-world Izzy is in the same class as the RPK, basically an FAL rebuilt for use as an LMG (heavier barrel, reinforced reciever, extended mags, bipod, etc.)
  9. Hi all. I am new to the American Milsim community, and I just have a few questions regarding my preferred role as a DM First off, the FPS limit for DMR is 450, but is there a buffer around that at all, or are they very strict with their limits? For example, my gun generally hits between 453-457, so will I need to adjust it? Second, it says in the ruleset that no carbine-style weapons are allowed. My rifle is an SA58 OSW, with a solid stock and a suppressor to bring it up to DMR length. Would this qualify? Technically the rail/gas tube are still carbine length, but the overall length of the gun falls under DMR lengths. Finally, I know that DM is a fairly popular role, should I worry about availability if I need to get my ticket fairly late? Thanks in advance for your help!
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