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  1. Actually Sim rounds are nearly twice as much as live ammo. The run anywhere from about $.075 to $1.00 per round. Also the Sim rounds don't provide anymore range than your average AEG. As for realism that's all a matter of opinion, and definition. Every training or simulation method is going to have drawbacks. Unless you're willing to shoot live rounds at your training partners nothing is ever going to be 100%.
  2. Safety is a concern with any training event. Paintball and airsoft both have literally hundreds of projectiles flying in multiple directions and the possibility of an injury is always there. Especially with the trend towards not wearing full face protection in airsoft. Blank fire, if property monitored is no more dangerous than airsoft. However, without some method of accurately scoring hits it's kind of pointless. The military has used MILES gear for decades, and continues to do so for one major reason. Despite it's drawbacks, i.e. bulky, poorly maintained gear, and OPFOR units that like obscure sensors, it is the most realistic method of simulating combat. It does have the issue of not being able to penetrate concealment, but so does airsoft, paintball, and even simunition rounds. There is a company that makes a civilian version of miles gear, http://www.simgun.com/wp-en/, it minimizes cheating and increases range exponentially. I have been trying for some time to start a MILSIM group in my area using this stuff so if there is any interest send me a message here or on FB. Also for the record I am not trying to preach to anyone, and I am not trying to say everyone should switch over. I am just trying to pass on some information and see if there is anyone with similar interest. Thanks.
  3. I am former Army Infantry, and a current LEO. I enjoy MILSIM gaming, but have been out of it for a while due to work constraints. I am looking to network with others from GA, preferably the Metro Atlanta area on the creation of a new style of MILSIM gaming that uses an affordable civilian made MILES gear clone in conjunction with airsoft guns or real steel guns using blanks. If you're intersted message me on here or on my FB page. (I will be able to respond faster on FB since it's loaded onto my phone) For what it's worth I am not trying to start a flame war, I know that change often makes people angry and defensive. If you're not intersted that's cool, and I respect that. However, I know there have to be some others who might share my intrest in a new approach. Also, I am not a sales rep for anyone or anything. I truly have a passion to take MILSIM gaming to a new more immersive level that addresses some of the historic short comings of airsoft. Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from some of y'all in the future. https://www.facebook.com/Gunfighter-Simulations-Group-Georgia-951170754972399/?ref=bookmarks
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